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I received the news about the death of a good friend two nights ago. I was never able to sleep immediately again when the news struck me. Anna Macatangay, the only other Scholastican from our batch who went to the same college with me, was only 28. Very young indeed. But who would have ever thought that her life was that complete span of 28 years. Usually people say “you’re still young, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you”. It’s definitely not in the numbers nor in any assurances that we can hold on to our lives. Suddenly, I felt fear, sorrow and all the other profound feelings brewing up inside my restless mind.

Just a year ago, Bes and I set a meeting with Anna to go over to their house and have a cooking session. Unfortunately, Anna got sick that weekend and setting up another schedule had been difficult after that. Even an after office dinner date was as difficult. She was working night shift while my weekends were occupied. Bes was just as fully booked as us. And so the days turned to weeks until a year passed by. Occasionally, Anna would pop a message in my ym and we’d talk just about anything. Just last week, she popped a message in my FB chat board. Two words, “hi jenny” and I was agitated to reply but I was helpless. FB was blocked in our office and we didn’t have internet at home or even if we did, she’d be working by night then. Several times, I tried to leave a message using my ym link with FB but to no avail. And now she’s gone. It’s so ironic that I’ll get to see her soon for the last time, but none of us she’ll ever see. Finally, I have found the time to meet her and I can’t help but think bitterly, “if only I’d exerted this effort earlier”.

It’s really scary how life can be taken from us without us knowing how or when. But it’s consoling to know that so many people cared. Anna was a silent girl but she was a great person. Now, people are attesting to that kindness and goodness, leaving messages of good will and all. She’s appreciated for the life she had lived and for the person that she was. I just hoped Anna knew about these while she was still living.

I remembered the words from a song way back when we were just 15, 3rd year high school girls. Way back, they were just words… but at present, these words demonstrate the meaning they convey such that they become understood not only by the mind but also by the heart. If life is so short, then we should value every minute of it…

“If Life Is So Short – Moffats”

Isn’t it funny
How times seems to slip away
So fast
One minute you’re happy
The other you’re sad

In my memory, Anna will always be that shy girl who was a jolly company in campus. She’s one of those few people whom I trusted as a friend and felt comfortable to be with. She was definitely part of those good memories I keep treasured in my heart forever… Part of that happy youthful years in my life.


Confessions of a Tiangge-holic

So much has been going on with our lives individually and so Bes and I decided to meet again, catch up and unwind. The venue? Tiangge at QC Circle! I was so excited to see this place promoted by none other than Bes herself of course. The last time we met in October to see their house-for-rent in Binangonan, she told me about this cute dress she bought for only P75! Well cute and inexpensive seem like a good combination so it really excited me to check the place myself. Last Friday, after office hours, she finally took me to this interesting place hehe.

Before we went there though, I had to account first the interruptions hehe. Bes is a very successful and busy woman thus interruptions are inevitable. 😉 Not that it bothers me, I actually enjoy having a glimpse of my Bes as Director. She told me that there was a change in her schedule and she had to give some documents to her staff, while tagging me along haha! Believing that this incident is a trouble for me, she voluntarily commits herself to a penalty of Coke Float and Fries! Yum. If only I was a bit more wicked, I’d have acted in exaggeration and get another free Sundae! Hahaha :p

Well as it turned out, it didn’t take us too long. Her staff was a little late but we didn’t mind waiting. At least, I didn’t. Killing time was easy while eating the treats away and before I even noticed, he had arrived. I’d say the boy had to thank for my presence or he’d have gotten scolded real bad (for being late among others haha). Soon afterwards we were making our way to QC Circle.

We noticed that the vendors were just setting up their posts and thought that we were a bit early so we decided to eat first… ok… again (smile). No, we were not being gluttons (hehe just being defensive).Take note: we only ate float and fries so there was still plenty of space. Upon Bes’ recommendation again, we tried out the Coconut House where every dish they serve has some coconut ingredient in it. Interesting! There were so many delectable dishes like Laing, even Barbecue and Pansit, I think, ALL containing the coconut ingredient. Since we were not too hungry, we skipped the rice meals and tried my favorite, calamari with sour cream dip and coconut atsara. We tried but one dish and the verdict? Delicioso! Not that my recommendation matters, after all, the Coconut House had been featured in various TV programs, including Rated K. Right next to every resto is an ice cream station. This should be the perfect dessert complement but too bad, the station has closed. I guess we lingered quite too long over the calamari hehehe.

Yummy Calamari =)

Well anyway, while we were walking the QC Circle grounds, Bes and I were contemplating whether we should wait or just go to UP Tiangge instead. I was hitting for another penalty because of this misinformation by Bes but she wouldn’t let me hehe. By the looks of it, Tiangge proper would be starting by Saturday morning already so we just took a cab and went to UP.

Contradictory in UP, the Tiannge stores were starting to close. 😦 Only a few stores were open. There were hardly any toys I could buy for Dem and Dais nor clothes or the cute dress that all started this Tiangge adventure and I even brought a large tote bag for this! (hehe). I didn’t go home empty though, I had boxer shorts for Nilo and white under blouse for myself. 🙂 But I had to say it wasn’t the shorts that made Nilo happy but the tasty isaw I bought home for him. For the rest of our bonding, we spent the night away eating isaw and sipping drinks over Bes’ profound thoughts (hehe).

Manong Isaw =) hehe

As usual, we had another wonderful time spent together. Her brief sharing of a few business projects in the future kept me excited up to this moment. Well, these projects involve arts and creativity, that’s why. And the journal correspondence we first started in High School? We’re continuing it right now, this time our notebooks were far more expensive such as the one Bes chose. I used to remember that composition notebook with Bananas and Pyjamas on the cover hahaha! I think I still had that notebook with me. Well, it didn’t matter whether I had bought only a handful or nothing from Tiangge just like it didn’t matter whether we had nice or cheap journal notebooks. What mattered was that we were able to share again the events in our lives, bad or good. After all, come December, there will still be more chances for us to go shopping Tiangge! Until then! 🙂

Baa baa, White Sheep!

These sheep were invading my workplace yesterday. Aren’t they a lovely set of distraction? How they happened to become my possession is another lovely story to tell.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Shangrila Hotel in Mandaluyong courtesy of our very generous VP, sir RNM. All 8 of us from Philex, those who handled the books along with our Managers, were there to treat our guest of honour, a very dedicated auditor who, according to Ma’am Luman, responded consistently to correspondences during last year’s audit (it’s a perfectly safe proceeding ‘cause he’s no longer going to audit us this year hehe). Lunch was fabulous. We had tons of delectable appetizers and mouth watering main courses but the best treat, in my opinion, were the stuffed toys that came with the drinks. The waiter told us that if we ordered fruit drinks in combination, we’ll each have a stuffed sheep. I was thinking that the toy might be just small, like the toy animal I got once at a children’s party. Nevertheless, we all ordered mixed fruit drinks, perhaps out of curiosity or just because combined fruits weren’t such big deals in exchange for a free stuff.

For the rest of the 2 hours, we all enjoyed the scrumptious food over occasional chit-chat, although I have to admit, sitting right next to sir VP was a real uneasy position for me. I guess no matter how kind and considerate your boss is, he will always have this air of dominance. Well, anyway, finally our stuffed toys were handed over, together with desserts. I almost forgot the toy because of the food hehe, but when I got mine, I was overly delighted and declared that I’ll have something for my babies! Apparently, I am a very simple person with shallow whims and wishes such that I was even more overjoyed when Ma’am Luman gave her stuffed toy to me! Because I had 2 little girls, she thought I should have 2 little sheep too so they’ll each get a toy. Thank God and bless such a thoughtful and benevolent soul. 🙂 It’s such a wonderful feeling when you receive a gift especially when you didn’t even ask for it.

When we got back to the office, the sheep played a little on my work area before they were given a more proper home later in the evening. When I got home, the kids accepted the surprise in sheer pleasure. Even little Daisy who loves Elmo saved a space for the new member of the family. Because the kids were too young to think of names for their identical pets, I offered names for them myself. Demi’s pet was Meeko while Daisy’s was Milo. Sheep, in general, are meek (Meeko) and mild (Milo) creatures, thus the names hehe. And whenever I look at them from now on, I shall always remember how it feels to be surrounded by blessed people who are equally meek, mild and not to mention, generous and thoughtful too.

Happy Birthday Bes!

For the past 21 years of my life I have known her, 15 years as my best friend.

We were just 7 when we first met each other in Mang Santos’ service. I still remember her as the girl with curly locks because I used to wish for those curls too (hehe). For me, she was the prettiest girl among the 6 of us, Grade 1 girls in the service although I didn’t feel that time that she thought the same about herself. Lorraine was a shy and modest girl even when we were young. She wasn’t my closest friend then. Not yet. Back then, they were all even to me.

As a child, I felt that Lorraine and I differed tremendously. She was the studious type and I knew she was intelligent because she consistently belonged to the star sections while I was just average. Being the eldest sister too, I had the impression that Lorraine was serious type so I got a little shy to approach her, afraid that she’d be appalled by a bit of my mischief.

When we became classmates in Grade 6, my perspective changed. Lorraine was a good friend, no doubt, but I realized we have lots of common interests too. She was an enjoyable company and her humble attitude completely erased the “serious and strict” impression. I felt most comfortable with her than with anybody else.

By first year high school, Lorraine and I became very good friends. We were classmates again and were practically always together such that most teachers had mistaken us as sisters or even twins. That was when we became best friends.

So who is Lorraine? Bes, as I fondly call her now, is a person who has a good head on her shoulders and has maintained it that way up to now. Her opinions on significant issues or casual discussions were never meaningless. I had often been a beneficiary to her sensible advices, especially during the dark ages.

Many times she may seem uptight but I’m assured a good humor has been well-tended inside and continuously improving. She has been sharing her clever jokes for as long as we’re together. We’ve shared many a good laughter about innocent waiters, passers by or victims as we generally call them (hehe). Bes could get a little crazy too. After all, no friend of mine is not without a little hint of it (haha).

Behind her delicate façade, Lorraine is a strong person. She knows very well her goals and has always been determined to achieve them. Indeed, Bes had gone far in her journey through life. Graduated highest in her department at ADMU, currently juggling her job, sidelines and MA in UP all at once, and just recently, passed the boards, her goals in life become more confirmed and I can see them start to unfold step by step, one by one. She’s quite a published researcher and editor now and I can’t help but beam with pride whenever I see her printed name as if it was my own. 🙂 Her conviction to her ambitions is really firm and highly regarded.

More than a friend, I felt that I have a second sister in her. Not many people find their soul-mate in friends and I thank God for giving me this experience.

Happy birthday Bes! For so many years we had spent wonderful birthday celebrations and special memories and secrets. I had let you off plenty of years calling me “ate” for 14 days. This year was no exception. Today however, you turned 28… Now, we’re even… I’m not letting you off that easily on the blow-out, after all, this is a double celebration of your birthday and passing the board! 😀 So as you read this, you better prepare. Haha! 😉