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3 Books Rolled Into 1: For the Love of Peeta

That’s it. All 3 books finished and though the 1st book was a lovely read, I had to say that the next one was quite good, the last one a drag. All in all, I guess I was just after Peeta who eventually outshined Katniss from my point of view. If I had not cheated reading the last part wherein Peeta, not Gale, ended up with Katniss, I guess reading the book would have taken me a longer time. I’m glad the story ended the way it did, but a lot of characters died in book 3 that it depresses me. Prim, of all people, to think that Katniss volunteered and underwent all the disaster just to protect her, died in the end. I wanted to say, what the?! when I reached that part, and had to read all over from when Katniss went hallucinating over the last blasts from the parachutes to check if I’d been reading things correctly. It was just so sad, and I had tears in my eyes when Buttercup returned to the Victor’s Village and Katniss had to drive him away because Prim’s dead.

* sigh * What was I thinking anyway? That after book 1 Peeta and Katniss would snuggle in each other’s arms at District 12? Maybe not, or Katniss would lose the charm she has when she’s tough. Affection is Peeta’s forte, not hers. Besides, Hunger Games is not a love story (really, is it not?) and didn’t I hate love stories anyway? But reading through the 1st part of book 2 at least made me wanna freeze the story to the part where they lived in Victor’s Village adapting an impressive routine; Katniss hunts, Peeta bakes, and Haymitch, their mentor, drains liquor bottle after bottle. The story of the Hunger Games was completely out of my mind then. I just wanted to know what happened to the characters I’ve grown familiar with and loved.

In book 2, there was more humour and more characters were explored. It would have been a cheery scene after the Tributes’ parade except for the nagging fact that this is a fight to the death. Finnick was funny in his own sensual way and Johanna’s viciousness was ironically appealing. Both characters were likewise realistic. I particularly had to laugh when she stripped herself naked of the stupid tree costume and went about how idiot were her prep team compared to theirs. I was thinking, I’d like to have a friend like her, if only I could trust her not to break my neck in a fit of petty quarrel. And though Finnick was presented in an aggressive way, it later turned out that he was a great and loyal ally. The Quarter Quell, which was a “special” kind of Hunger Games done every 25th year, was altogether okay thinking that I don’t have to feel scared for Peeta or Katniss’ life. I knew they’d survive. There was just one problem. The other tributes were likeable enough to make me want to keep them. My expectations were met as all of these favorite characters endured the Games. Afterwards, I just couldn’t wait for more romantic encounters between Peeta and Katniss. Sadly, there’s none after the Games ended in book 2.

In book 3, there was less mention about Peeta in the beginning except that I knew he was kept prisoner at the Capitol. Since he was my favorite character, it explains my previous assessment that book 3 was a drag. I just kept waiting for him to re-appear until curiosity was killing me I could no longer contain questions of whether he is still alive or if he’s going to be mentioned again. So I had to cheat. I read the last paragraph before the epilogue. There was Peeta, and he ended up with Katniss after all. Somehow my agitation subsided. Next, I couldn’t wait until he’s rescued. When he was, they discovered that the Capitol used a torturing technique and the effect was he no longer recognized Katniss. Quite the opposite, he viewed her as an enemy. Violent hands replaced the steady hands which were always ready to offer her comfort. The altered Peeta wanted to strangle her or even more passionate, bash her brains out. So next, I was only waiting for the old kind Peeta to emerge again. The cheating had to be excused because my anticipation of the things that would happen to Peeta helped me manage to read through the dreadful combat parts. Dreadful was not even attributed to the violence. I just find war and action movies (stories) boring and book 3 was mostly on plotting a war against Capitol and you could just imagine the details on military and such. Plus, Collins kept on killing the characters I love, Finnick then Prim it was just so heart breaking.

Finally, I was left wondering if an innocent girl like Katniss could really turn a whole country into chaos by just holding out her hands with nightlock berries to the audience. And then I’m briefly reminded by Peeta “you still don’t have an idea, the effect she can have.” So I just say to myself, “Fine.” If Peeta says it, then I believe it. 🙂