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Swimming Party Success

After a few stressful weeks of preparation for Demi and Daisy’s conjoined birthdays, I can’t believe it had finally come and gone and looking back at the memories captured in pictures, I had to smile in contentment and say it was quite a success. With a little help from my friends at the office, especially Rhen who contributed a great deal in transforming the cut-out of fishes from downright simple to remarkably beautiful, all our efforts paid off when the master plan laid out in my mind was finally executed. And the outcome?

Not bad 🙂 Well, the shelf supposed to be for television set made the task easier and the result better than the table I had in mind. What luck! Haha. The design excluding the cake costed only P250. 😉 It was more than I could expect for and so we all started calling it my masterpiece hehe… But I had to admit, behind the simplicity of the final outcome was a series of stressful planning and execution.

First and foremost, the idea of a swimming party came up way back in May when I realized how much the kids enjoyed the Company outing and then the recent love of the kids for Little Mermaid. Looking for resorts and trimming down the expenses required time to visit the places I’ve browsed at the internet. We initially checked Club Serene, but the place seemed neglected except for their very accommodating staffs. We considered Casanjo next, but the place was too small. The kids needed to have a place where they could stroll. Bosay Resort proved to be worth the final choice and although I scowled in the beginning at the expense (VIP rooms required an extra cottage rent), my hesitation faded the minute we visited the place. The resort improved and expanded a great deal since we last went swimming there in 2009. The whole place was neat and the rooms were clean and tidy. Bosay is definitely worth recommending at its current state. 🙂 So one week before the celebration date, we reserved the room thus settling one hassle down.

Next, making the decorations took weeks of shifting from office to deco work. It took time to complete the cut out fishes, from choosing the “right” sketch to print, to coloring, to pasting onto cardboards, to highlighting the edges and finally, cutting and glittering them. Then, there’s the strain of finding the right materials at the lowest costs possible. Good thing, there’s this new party supplies store in front of our village where I got most of the deco supplies (plus a few gift items) for only P94! Again, what luck! 🙂 This step was polished, believe it or not, a day before the swimming itself.

Then there’s choosing the food stuff and cooking them ourselves which needed more than the effort I thought. Here, credits go to my dearest husband, our constant chef. To ate Rizza, too, for offering to cook the hotdogs herself. Hehe.

Finally, the most breathtaking hassle was transporting the cake to the resort room. Because Goldilocks bakeshop doesn’t open until 830am, we decided to bring the cake home the night before. The other problem arose when we realized that the cake won’t fit inside the fridge. To add more anxiety, the storekeeper said that the icing will melt easily at room temperature. Sure enough, the edges at the front were starting to sag in the morning, but that was all. When we finally had the cake at the center of my “masterpiece,” I can’t help but smile and sigh in relief. 🙂

After putting the place in order by 7:30am, ate Rizza, Yanah and I killed time while Nilo picked up the kids who were still sleeping at home. There was so much to explore I could hardly wait until the kids arrived.

Mesmerized by the abs... hehe...


Beautiful morning sunlight...

Waiting for the kids by the entrance

By 9am, the kids finally arrived to our delight. They still had puffy eyes from sleep but their smiles and joys are not to be missed. Precious and priceless!

When the kids entered the room, it was just as I had pictured out in my mind beforehand: bubbles everywhere, the kids jumping in joy (except that Daisy’s still too young to capture everything that’s going on), and “Under the Sea” playing in the background. There was just one mistake. The bubbles took their attention that I had to highlight the cake and the deco before the kids notice them. I guess that’s the pay-off for overdoing the effects (haha). After settling the excitement down a little, they dressed into their mermaid costumes. Too bad, they can’t swim in the water with their fins on. But rules are rules and at least they got to keep the mermaid tops on. 🙂

All in all we had a wonderful time swimming and strolling around, taking photos at every picturesque corner. Daisy loved the water too much that whenever we took her out to go to another pool, she’d chant “Wi-Ming-Pool” until she’s back into the waters. It was so funny. Demi, on the other hand, didn’t take her nap at all, even when her sister and cousin, ate Yanah, took their afternoon naps by 3pm. When the kids woke up, we took the remaining hours packing up and strolling some more. How time flew so fast when you’re enjoying! Soon afterwards, we had to go home. Although we were still hankering for more, we were all too exhausted to extend so we decided to call it a day. Yup, we were all dog-tired but we all went home happy and contented.

I don’t know about the others, but I’m feeling a little sad. I prepared for this special day for weeks and then it’s over in a flash. This morning before I left home, I teased my husband that I had to be early to cut some more fishes. He just laughed at my usual folly but deep inside, I really meant it hehe. I’ll kind of miss the things I did, stress, hassles and all to make this special day a successful one for the kids.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll keep myself distracted with other projects for the fast approaching holidays. 🙂


Brewing Up

I can’t get my mind off the celebration we’ve been planning for the kids for their 2nd and 4th birthdays. I had just spent my lunch time making the decorations. This year, we decided to take the kids for swimming and with their adoration for Ariel, it was the perfect combination to have an underwater theme. With the help of my friend, Rhen, I managed to finish colouring and cutting up several sea creatures, including Nemo and Flounder. The trick about underwater themes is that everything has to be glistening and shimmering like the water. Crystal glitters helped bring out the effect on these little fishes and shells.

I’ve been meaning to make these decorations since weekend but with loads of paperwork in the office, I just couldn’t find the time even at home (I was always exhausted recently, tsk tsk…). Fortunately, I realized I’m starting to cross out items from my things-to-do-list. Besides, I’m running out of time. If we want to celebrate in time with the holidays, I should be wrapping things up by now. Hmmm… It seems that I have a lot more to add to my list like making the letterings and getting other deco supplies, which remind me, that I need to brainstorm first which art materials would be more convenient (and cheap) to use without sacrificing much the beauty of the final outcome. Oh, there are no more excuses, I have to do these things now. So I’m sorry, work, you’ll have to wait ‘til next time. Hehe, of course I was just kidding. Work knows he’s always going to be first on the list although it doesn’t mean he’s priority, hehehe.

Now, I’m having an even harder time trying to focus on work. I can’t wait for shopping time! 🙂

Ode to my Beloved One

Being the procrastinator that I am, I am being punished that this birthday ode for my beloved husband had been delayed for more than a month (his birthday was last July 3 *sheepish smile*). Anyway, as they all say, it’s better late than never, although this was never my principle ever since I was a child and until now. I promote punctuality (ironic for a procrastinator, isn’t it?) and for me, it’s better absent than late, hence, the “absenera” attitude (haha!). Well anyway, it’s really difficult to understand an epitome of paradox such as me, but enough of me. This is supposed to be an ode to my Beloved One…

Last July 3, Nilo celebrated his Nth birthday (censored for the advantage of our celebrant hehehe) and since he did a great job surprising me on my recent birthday, I had to do my best to double it. It’s a good thing Nilo is a grateful person by nature and so he didn’t dwell too much on my lapses if he even noticed them. My first gift was good enough and I was happy that he was genuinely happy when he saw these 2 vouchers for body massage at Nuat Thai. He appreciated them even though he learned that I got these vouchers at 50% discount (hehe). Initially, the vouchers were intended for him alone, foot and body massage but he insisted to include me and I couldn’t refuse of course. The second gift was a scrapbook of his photos with a poetic message expressing my gratitude about having him as “himself”. A reproduction could be viewed as a slideshow below (with slight differences from the actual scrapbook).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My third gift was not a success. We had been planning to buy a DVD player for the kids to enjoy and I figured his birthday was supposed to be the best timing. But since I wasn’t too prepared, I failed to canvass for the best DVD player. I didn’t have time to do it even if I had to buy the electrical thing on the morning of the day of his birthday. What’s even more disastrous, the store didn’t have new stocks so I purchased the display even though I hesitated at first. At first, the player worked okay but after a few weeks later, the thing goofed up and so I had to confess my stupidity. Good thing, he’s very much forgiving and understanding hehehe. Well anyway, we suffered after his birthday so I shouldn’t count it as a lapse, shouldn’t I? :-p

We treated out the kids to The Little Playroom for the rest of the day, and we did have a blast. =) I guess that’s what counts most, in a way, I had made him happy on his very special day. =)

Happy Birthday Bes!

For the past 21 years of my life I have known her, 15 years as my best friend.

We were just 7 when we first met each other in Mang Santos’ service. I still remember her as the girl with curly locks because I used to wish for those curls too (hehe). For me, she was the prettiest girl among the 6 of us, Grade 1 girls in the service although I didn’t feel that time that she thought the same about herself. Lorraine was a shy and modest girl even when we were young. She wasn’t my closest friend then. Not yet. Back then, they were all even to me.

As a child, I felt that Lorraine and I differed tremendously. She was the studious type and I knew she was intelligent because she consistently belonged to the star sections while I was just average. Being the eldest sister too, I had the impression that Lorraine was serious type so I got a little shy to approach her, afraid that she’d be appalled by a bit of my mischief.

When we became classmates in Grade 6, my perspective changed. Lorraine was a good friend, no doubt, but I realized we have lots of common interests too. She was an enjoyable company and her humble attitude completely erased the “serious and strict” impression. I felt most comfortable with her than with anybody else.

By first year high school, Lorraine and I became very good friends. We were classmates again and were practically always together such that most teachers had mistaken us as sisters or even twins. That was when we became best friends.

So who is Lorraine? Bes, as I fondly call her now, is a person who has a good head on her shoulders and has maintained it that way up to now. Her opinions on significant issues or casual discussions were never meaningless. I had often been a beneficiary to her sensible advices, especially during the dark ages.

Many times she may seem uptight but I’m assured a good humor has been well-tended inside and continuously improving. She has been sharing her clever jokes for as long as we’re together. We’ve shared many a good laughter about innocent waiters, passers by or victims as we generally call them (hehe). Bes could get a little crazy too. After all, no friend of mine is not without a little hint of it (haha).

Behind her delicate façade, Lorraine is a strong person. She knows very well her goals and has always been determined to achieve them. Indeed, Bes had gone far in her journey through life. Graduated highest in her department at ADMU, currently juggling her job, sidelines and MA in UP all at once, and just recently, passed the boards, her goals in life become more confirmed and I can see them start to unfold step by step, one by one. She’s quite a published researcher and editor now and I can’t help but beam with pride whenever I see her printed name as if it was my own. 🙂 Her conviction to her ambitions is really firm and highly regarded.

More than a friend, I felt that I have a second sister in her. Not many people find their soul-mate in friends and I thank God for giving me this experience.

Happy birthday Bes! For so many years we had spent wonderful birthday celebrations and special memories and secrets. I had let you off plenty of years calling me “ate” for 14 days. This year was no exception. Today however, you turned 28… Now, we’re even… I’m not letting you off that easily on the blow-out, after all, this is a double celebration of your birthday and passing the board! 😀 So as you read this, you better prepare. Haha! 😉

Birthday Gift

Last Friday, June 10, I turned 28. Although it was my birthday, I didn’t wake up unusually excited. For me, it was just an ordinary day. I was contented just to see my dear and kids, first in the morning, when I woke up and that was more than enough happiness.

I didn’t even take a birthday leave. I went to work and was busy because the 10th marks the deadline for monthly FS. Fortunately, I completed the report right after lunch and by 4:30pm, I couldn’t wait to go home and be with my beloved family.

On the way, I was thinking of stopping at Ever or Big-R for a cake at least to treat the kids but I was reluctant at the same time. This would delay me and I really couldn’t wait anymore to be with them so I decided to just head home and postpone the buying of the cake for later.

At last, I was home sweet home 45 minutes later. I knocked real hard on the door to trick them into thinking that it was the water delivery boy. I often did this when I’m early from work to surprise them. Quite unusual though, I waited for a minute yet nobody opened the door. So I knocked again, in the same manner. Still silent. Finally I dropped the joke and just knocked, continuously now, though still patiently (hehe) but I was starting to think, were these people becoming deaf? Finally the door opened and to add more queer, it wasn’t my husband who did it but ate Edna. I said “ang bingi-bingi nyo” (hehe) and was about to ask “di nyo nga talaga naririnig?” when out of the corner of my eye, I saw red roses. Then I was dumbstruck as my husband and the kids started greeting me “happy birthday.”

The table was set. It was just a simple dinner of spaghetti, chicken and fries plus cake for dessert but the effort really melted my heart. 🙂 I am so lucky to have such a sweet husband. Not to mention, the red roses and cards.

Cards from my Dear and Babies 🙂

Demi's 1st time to write her name all on her OWN!

So far, this is the most unforgettable birthday I’ve ever had. This was my first birthday that we were complete as a family. And I thank God for giving me this gift.

Birthday blasting (of tummies) at ISAW HAUS

The month is coming to an end again and soon it would be May. And then next month would be my birth month. It’s been almost a year since my last birthday. I will be turning 23 err… sorry about the typo error, 28 this June, how time flies!

I remember that last year, I celebrated my birthday with my bestfriend, Lorraine (I celebrated it earlier with my family because the date fell on a weekday). Although we were constantly checking in on each other, we usually do not meet very often because of business, as in the state of being busy (hehehe). So we thought that it was the perfect time for bonding.

We decide to go to the new place which I have passed by on frequent occasions. Its name was ISAW HAUS, promoted by a picture of a very upset white chicken beside it. That’s just reasonable for me of course and I kind of commend whoever created this idea rather than the usual smiley faces of animals who march to the butcher’s den after posing for a caricature. My parents have tried the place before and besides promoting that the food was delectable, it was also affordable. Therefore, it was definitely worth a try.

The place was agreeable and has enough parking spaces. Although it was just by the roadside, it was cool once you get inside and the lightings were not too bright, just right and soothing. They have various table settings too. Out in the open were for big groups or couples, or you could also choose the tables enclosed in the air-conditioned rooms. Bes and I chose one of the nipa huts at the back but the waiter told us they reserve them for bigger groups so we settled on one of the round tables for four by the entrance.

It took us a long while to select from the menu (everything seemed delicious but we have little space in our stomachs) but we finally settled with rice, pork sisig, pancit bihon, isaw and San Mig light? Haha, you wish, that’s Royal diluted with ice. When the food arrived, we were surprised at how big the pancit serving was (for Php80 only). It was a lot really so we had to make pauses in between munching to accommodate everything. At last, when our stomachs were ready to explode, we called it quits and took home the leftover pancit (which was merely eaten up).

The Food

The total bill was Php363, but Bes and I were short of money so we planned to escape but we got caught! As punishment, they took pictures of us holding the bill and posted them on every corner of the place.

Haha, that was just a joke, of course. We lingered on for a while after eating because we were feeling too heavy to move. It was a nice opportunity too, to catch up with chatting until we ended the night very contentedly and promised to go back to the place in the future.

Isaw Haus is very accessible. I’m not sure if they have other branches but the featured one is along Ortigas Extension, just a few walks away from St. Anthony (right across Pamcor). See Logo for telephone numbers 😀