Hungry for Hunger Games

It’s been years since the buzzing about this great new book first burst out and I often found myself envious of the owners they talk (or write) about their interesting remarks. My impression was that the book was set in the future when the world suffer with great poverty and people, who might have been friends in some ordinary situations, fight each other to death for survival. Intense right? But being the thrift-spend person that I am, and the best-selling novel that the book is, I had to restrain myself until the prices dropped (or I was just hoping it would cost less over time). Sad to say, even now, these books are way beyond my budget. Admittedly, I do have the cash, it’s just that I don’t think I’d be able to read the book (books, it has now 3 series) without fighting with my own conscience.

Good thing there are people who share the same outlook as mine and offered a solution that might not totally replace the enjoyable feeling and scent of each printed page nevertheless, with the help of technology, the option is not bad at all. The answer! Free e-books! Bes had just emailed me the e-books for all the series and I’ve just started reading the Hunger Games during break times from my office computer. I’m on page 24! This is definitely intense I couldn’t put it down, or rather, I couldn’t close the application except that conscience constantly tells me I have to work hehe. I decided to bring it home though.

With my Samsung wave, perhaps I might be able to enjoy the book tonight after putting the kids to sleep. And you know what I just realized? E-books do have their advantage over the regular books. You can read them in the dark. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hungry for Hunger Games

  1. Haha, so, nasimulan mo na pala………………… 😛 Sabihan mo ko kung maganda talaga yung first book….. Ayoko pa ring simulan, baka di ko na tigilan 🙂

    • Start reading the book at your own peril hehe (at least your schedule’s peril). There’s something about it that would want you to read more and it’s actually hanging you’d want to start the next book. Surprisingly though, it’s got a love story which is not really my favorite but this one gave me the love shivers hahaha! :p

  2. Oooohhh… I haven’t read the book but I’ve seen the movie. I loved the movie! But I guess part of the attraction was that I found the actress who played Katniss so pretty! I was staring at her face for most of the movie, haha. Sabi ng husband ko kahawig daw ni Karyle.

    • Hi Janelle, thanks for dropping by. I’d like to see the movie too, you see, it’s actually the movie which triggered this hankering for the book again. And I can relate. Pag gusto ko ang actress (or singer), I get mesmerized I think I even gape haha…

      • Ok just sharing… on my way home yesterday, napabili tuloy ako ng book, haha! Buti na lang may gc pa ako from Powerbooks. Pero they only had the first book. Out of stock na daw yung other 2 books, sayang!

        • Wow you got me excited there! Minsan nga natetempt na rin ako bilhin ung 3-book package na. But I’m afraid that if I do that, I might as well buy the Harry Potter series too. Patay ang budgeting hehe… 🙂 Anyway, hopefully magka stocks na sila by the time matapos mo ung book.

    • Hi Jeyna, thanks for dropping by. I think that’s very possible, but my problem was, I got sleepy even before my eyes became strained and it’s like 4 or 5 pages? Hehe… 🙂

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