A Beloved Blog

This morning, as usual, I opened my e-mail before anything else because I usually arrive at least 30 minutes before office hours anticipating most especially for blogs I follow. I was reading about Diane’s travel adventures to Hong Kong when I received this surprise towards the end of her second post:

Diane thinks I’m deserving of this badge and I’m definitely flattered and happy about if of course, this is totally unexpected. 🙂 Thanks so much, Diane!

So what is Liebster blog? It originated from Germany and is given to blogs who are up and coming with under 200 followers. It means “dearest or beloved” in German. Wow, it’s really an honour to have my humble blog considered as that. Anyway, it’s a tradition to share the Liebster Blog Award to 5 other blogs. And so the blogs I chose to give this award to are:

    Fiery Waters’ World of Contrast
    Life and Liesure
    Musings and Writings
    Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
    On Life, Food, Travels, Books and Other Loves

Congratulations to the new picks! May your dearness spread throughout the net-world. 🙂


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