Moving House

It has been two nights since we have slept on our new rented apartment. There’s so much clutter at the moment and some stuff were still at the old house. One by one, the stuff that once filled the old apartment were being taken away and I can’t help but feel a little sad for leaving. Not that I do not like the new one, of course not. I just remember the time when we first saw the old house. It was small, just like a box. But it was clean and tidy and well-ventilated. What we liked best was the view from our window. Everything was green, plants, trees, it’s as if we were taken some place provincial. It was the perfect place to start living independently and our excited feelings told us so. We just cleaned a little and put puzzle-mats on the floor because back then, Daisy was just starting to walk. And when we finally took the kids to the house, they were so happy for it seemed like a little playroom house.

For more than a year, we built tender memories inside the little playroom house. The kids grew safe and secure. But afterwards, we realized that we needed more space. At this point, I’d like to share how we had lived in the little playroom house. At night during bed time, the whole house becomes a bedroom. We lay the bed mats by the window, and drape the curtain that serves as the divider to us and the house helper. In the morning, the house is transformed into a living and dining room. The beds become the couch and a wall covering (again for Daisy’s protection). And the square table is set right beside the sink and stove. Now the table takes much space in the room so when it’s not used, we set it up to the top of our dresser so the kids could have all the space where they could run about. Everything is moveable and transformed. The only fixtures were the dresser, study table at the same time TV shelf, and refrigerator. It was a modest kind of living, nevertheless, a comfortable one. That was until, we figured out that we needed more space. We all realized that we needed some stuff until the little playroom house became overcrowded.

Looking for the new house was quite a story too. We started scouting in December, when the 13th month pay was given. We did find one, it has 2 rooms and big living room and the rent was just higher by 1k, but the place was not well ventilated. Sacks of yarns and fibers were dumped around the house, which was bad for the kids when inhaled, pointed out by Mom. The next one, I found from the internet. It has the same rent fee, but it has no bedroom although the area was bigger than the little playroom house. It was a newly built apartment and the room we chose was situated on the second floor. The place was very cool, there won’t be any need for air-con, and the kids could play in the garage below. I can feel that Nilo loved the place but I could not share the same feeling with him. For one thing, when I started computing how much cost we’d be spending for the division, I figured out that the rent was not worth it. Moreover, it would add another 20 minutes to my travel time, and consequently, additional travel cost too. So we decided to scout some more. Later on, Nilo found another apartment, which was likewise new. The rent was much higher (plus 2.5k) but we viewed the only available room anyway. It has 2 bedrooms with ceiling high built-in cabinets (although we don’t see the need for these), and the bathroom was a bit more spacious. The kitchen was a little crowded though but we could take a few space from the living room. The community was great, with walking distance school, market, malls and park. Looking for a house was becoming tiresome so I started to convince Nilo that we take it. Nilo didn’t like it I could tell and he keeps pointing out the significant increase in rent which I oppose by saying that my travel cost is the same and we could save the fare going to school, market, malls and park by walking. I guess I was just desperate. But I have to admit, none of these houses gave us the same feeling of excitement like the little playroom house. But then I rationalized that perhaps we’d never get the same feeling again, after all, that was the first time, we were unaware about independent living, and we didn’t have much stuff. Finally, he convinced me by saying that our unknown neighbor, supposed to be Taiwanese who does not come home very often and keeps large boxes with unknown contents, could be a syndicate or something. We decided to think and wait again.

Just when we chose to wait some more and not rush things, out of the blue, my sister-in-law came with a news that an apartment had just been vacated. It wasn’t new though, and I could see that Nilo isn’t so interested but I pushed him to see the place anyway. Afterwards, he came back and asked me to come and see the place myself. And what do you know? We both felt the same excited feeling we did before. It was true after all. Deep inside, I told myself, thank God, the search is over. The house was spacious and the kitchen was somewhat detached which is a good thing. We made a barrier so the kids don’t have access to this part of the house. With a big help from tito Rene, we managed to improve the house by building pretty shelves in the bedroom and kitchen plus another barrier in the front door so the kids can’t get out. It costed us much but it was worth it! And the bathroom was really big! The first night we slept there, we bathe the kids together and they were so delighted to play in the shower. The bedroom was large enough to reserve space as their play area. Likewise, we placed puzzle mats on the floor as well as in the living room. This was our new playroom house. 🙂


Living Room

Living Room


Kitchen (before cleaned up)

Finally, for another 1 and half to 2 years perhaps, we’d make special memories in our new playroom house. And then God willing, another part of the journey unfolds.


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