Rumblings of a Couch Potato

When I made my resolution to be pro-active, I didn’t know it to be this difficult. But silly me, what did I expect? I was a couch potato all my life and as a result, I don’t have the most healthy body type. I mean, I was restless. I always had a craft project up my sleeve, or new books to read, or something new to learn, but not one activity was sports inclined EVER.

I think one of the tolls was I easily get cold. It’s so unfortunate for me, because our office temperature is usually inhuman (as in not for humans) sometimes I feel as if we were just slices of cold cuts being preserved. Like last week, I got terrible back aches and at first I feared it was scoliosis. One morning before going to work, I felt for my backbones whether they are still straight and in place. I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but my lower backbones where somewhat sloping to the right. I tried to compare mine with my husband’s but it was troublesome to feel for his! I only felt muscles and fats and to hide my discouragement, I taunted him saying “Wala kang spine, jellyfish ka!” (You don’t have spine, you’re a jellyfish!). One might think I’m mean, and I’m sorry, but that’s one of the things my husband has to bear with me and he knew it the minute he married his sassy girl. At least that he knew. I didn’t know he was a jellyfish when I married him.

Back to my rumblings anyway, I also started to notice that I hardly perspire. Actually, I don’t really care, except that my husband kept pointing this out to me. I used to casually respond that I don’t have the fats, that’s why, but then I began to realize that perhaps it was really necessary to “sweat”. Maybe I’m taking “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” too seriously. I mean, it is indeed a good book, but somehow, without even researching about it, I earnestly feel that I must “sweat” too, for this is somehow causing me health problems. I don’t know how in particular but maybe it’s linked with my being cold easily.

So I figured out I need to exercise. Starting now. I need to sweat out those beads of perspiration before my husband even thinks about naming me “kalabaw” (carabao) or “dog” or “bear.”

So another resolution up my list is “exercise.” Easier said (written) than done. Cross my fingers to that!


4 thoughts on “Rumblings of a Couch Potato

  1. I started to exercise last year around September. Being able to complete a entire lap of jogging really feels good. Pero yun lang I stopped jogging since December and I don’t know when will my lazy ass push me to jog again. From my experience, the most difficult part in exercising is starting and maintaining it.

    • I agree. It’s so difficult to start. Well, that’s how true is the law of inertia haha… Plus we’re moving house so I could hardly squeeze in the exercise thing. On the other hand, I think I did exercise after all, lifting and bringing our stuff right up to the third floor sure made me perspire! 😉

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