Craft Making

The last time I attempted to make crafts was in June 2010 making merely 3 pencil holders out of recycled cans. And then a few months after, we moved house when my husband finally settled with us here in the Philippines and then it’s been a year and a half since I decided to finally make crafts again. To have suppressed my love for arts that long is somewhat frustrating. But then again, we had been through many adjustments. It’s embarrassing I admit that it took me quite that long to “adjust” to independent life haha.

My last craft works

My recent attempt to bring back crafts into my life were of course triggered by most bloggers too, especially Ms. Janelle, whose works were just so amazing. My skills in craft-making were nothing compared to her of course, but she inspired me to make use of the things that we normally consider as “scrap.”

My attempt at making little roses from a scrap red ribbon.

It inspired me also to give gifts with personal touch during the recent holidays.

My DIY xmas giveaways

And last night, to take advantage of meeting up with my friend Jhen, we went to National Bookstore, my favourite store! She was looking for a prayer journal and got what she wanted (thanks to Bes for the idea although she’s unconscious about it hehe) and I got myself gem brads to fasten the pages of the personal cookbook I’m currently making.

I love these cute gem brads! πŸ™‚

I am so looking forward to continue craft-making. Hopefully, though we’re planning to move house again very soon, I shall be able to continue with this passion. πŸ™‚


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