Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow 2011

Since I will no longer be able to access my blog until next year, I’d have to post this farewell to the outcoming year 2 days earlier. This is my 40th post too, so it’s quite a fulfillment on my part as well to post this now than later.

Another year is passing and though it’s cliché, I can’t help saying “how time flies!” I’m a year more older, more mature, stronger and wiser and though the days of 2011 are not of equal contribution to my growth, for most days may have passed unnoticed and forgotten while the other days were more memorable than the rest, I am most thankful to God for giving me each day of the year under his protection, guidance, love and consideration. I know I’ve been considerably disobedient and I’m constantly sorry about that but still, I have witnessed His works in my everyday living.

The highlight of all the marvelous presence of God in my life this year, is the hope given me about a dream I’ve always wanted. Then there’s the turnover in my family’s status in faith, which had been most hurtful for me for most of the year’s part. I know the situation’s still not thoroughly turned about but I’m letting it all rest in God’s hands. Before the year ends, there’s hope given me, again.

Then there were the happy moments with the kids and my husband, the Company outing where I took the kids for the first time, their swimming party, our escapades to the Rainforest Park, and our anniversary celebration. My own adventures with Bes such as the occasional food trips and shopping sprees. My firsts at cooking, body massages, etc. And I could never forget to thank Him for the random acts of kindness I’ve experienced through the people I encounter everyday especially the Sheep, which definitely triggered my inner soft spots, as well as the gifts, both during my birthday and the holidays.

Such a wonderful and fulfilled year 2011 was indeed. Thanks to God for His constant protection over my loved ones, most especially my kids who have grown in love for another year…

My growing babies...

Happy holidays everyone! It might be sweet sorrow to say goodbye to 2011 but with the belief that God will be lending me more days to grow more in love and faith, I’m saying thank you in advance. In everything that I shall be looking forward to in 2012, may Your will be done. 🙂


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