‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

December’s here again. What a more fitting time to shop! I’m not a fan of shopping or “spending,” in fact I’m a frugal person. But ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed giving gifts to my friends and families. No matter how small or inexpensive my gifts were, I’d always wrapped them beautifully such that whoever may be the recipient will be delighted. Well, anyway, perhaps because I can’t get gift-giving out of my system, I’m practically probing around malls and bazaars to look for gifts and there’s one particular place on my mind, the Ynares Bazaar!

Last Saturday night, after the kids had gone to bed, Nilo and I went to Antipolo Ynares Stadium where the annual bazaar was being held. I’ve never been there before but I know what bazaars are like. Usually a variety of items are sold for very low prices, DVDs, dresses, purses, gift items, etc. But I’ve never tried the Ynares bazaar before so I was really excited.

Unfortunately, our night didn’t turn out very happy as I expected. For one thing, the weekend had been rainy so it wasn’t really comforting to walk around the place. It was muddy everywhere. I noticed that Nilo wasn’t so excited. He barely got close to any stalls at all. Unless I pointed out something, he wouldn’t take notice. We spotted an Elmo’s world DVD though and decided to buy it immediately for the kids. Afterwards, we casually walked about until we reached the end where the food stands were. We ate only a little because we’ve just had dinner and then we walked our way back to the stores again. I figured, perhaps he’d be more interested this time.

But he still wasn’t, I sensed. Maybe because Nilo is naturally a patronizer of branded products. Bazaar items are generally new, but usually they’re fake that’s why they’re cheaper. However, the items they sold at the bazaar, we noticed, were relatively quite expensive. Maybe these were the real reasons on my frustration but I had to voice out that I dislike his disinterest and so we ended the adventure with hurt feelings. We decided to go home. I myself lost interest in looking around.

At home, we spent the night arguing and defending ourselves. Usually, our arguments get lengthy because I wouldn’t admit my mistake. But since I did not want to sleep angry, besides, I was getting sleepy so I can’t keep my stubbornness any longer, I offered my peace. It’s really funny to think that I got angry because I wasn’t able to spend. More likely, I’d be mad because too much money had been spent. I realized now, it was my frustration on the place that caused my bad temper and Nilo was just my victim, again (hehe).

The next day, I barely recalled the incident except for one thing that happened. In the afternoon, while the kids were napping, Nilo and I decided to take a look at the apartment where we planned to move. It was just walking distance. On the way, we passed by a Snoopy Bodega Sale! Of course, we went in and guess what luck! We found 4 pieces of clothing for Demi and Daisy which were fairly flawless for only Php500! What we have saved from last night, we spent on something more worthwhile. I observed too, that Nilo wasn’t really boring as a shopping company. It just depends on the items, after all, Snoopy was branded hehe.

That concludes my shopping adventure, for the moment. Truly, what seems like tragic endings may later turn up being blessings in disguise. Besides, all’s well that ends well. If it’s not well, then probably it’s not the end. Hehehe… It’s really not necessary to be profound in this experience. Bottom line is, if you don’t find something good in one shopping, try another shopping place. Most likely, you’ll have good finds in bazaars and sales after all ‘tis the season to be shopping. Happy thrift-shopping to everyone!


4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

    • Hello! It’s been a year now since this sale. It’s inside Valley Golf Antipolo if you know that place? I’m not sure if they’re gonna have a sale this year though… 🙂

    • Thanks Diane! That’s because when you’re a mom, you barely think of your own without thinking of the little ones first. 🙂 Sometimes, I think I lost all my personal preferences because seeing the kids happy has become my first and foremost happiness. 🙂

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