My DIY Xmas Gifts

I only have a few more days left and I haven’t started one gift yet! And I have like 30 people on my gift list! As early as September, I had been brainstorming about what to make for give-aways this holiday season. I even bought blank key chains already and saved the decoration part for future. But until now, I don’t see a more fit deco for these key chains and so the project is still unstarted. This is the trouble with do-it-yourself gifts, nevertheless, I choose to push through with this. For me, gift with personal touch are always the best.

My first thoughts were to make a mini desk calendar such as the ones Papemelrotti sells. I received the same gift from my co-worker last year.

So far, I’ve achieved nothing more than printing the calendars. My plan was to make the stand out of cardboard. I have made a pattern already but haven’t tried it yet. Now that I’m running out of dates, it seems like a lot of work glueing the cardboard together and covering it with coloured paper. At this rate, good luck to me.

My other idea was to give out key chains. National bookstore sells key chains which could be customized. But up to now, I can not decide what kind of theme or style, whether to just print the designs or make it out of miniature craft items like sequence. The latter seemed definitely better but, again, hard work. With constraint in time, I guess I don’t have much choice. But if I would have to sacrifice the quality of my work, I wouldn’t be as happy and I think it’s better to just think of an alternative project.

I’ve been browsing the internet seeking for help and I have to admit, there are endless projects that I’d like to make except that, I don’t have the liberty of time. Among the suggestions, the following are the ones I’ve chosen:

Storage Box

I love boxes! It takes time though to make one. With 30 people to give to and only 20 days left to do it, it’s not possible even if I take the leave from work for the following days to come hehe.

Holiday Coffee Sleeves

Coffee sleeves are not really specific for the xmas season, but then again, so are boxes. With the right touch of decoration, it will sure set the holiday spirit just fine. However, looking for the right fabric such as the one in the picture requires time and I have no idea where to find these kind of items yet.


Candles are lovely giveaways also if decorated with the right touch. Trouble is, it’s a little too late to look for candles by this month. Making one is hard work.

Tin organizers

I really feasted my eyes on this one but to be able to make it as lovely as the one in the picture, I think I’ll need plenty of time from canvassing for the tins and craft items to making the decorations unique for each tin. Next year, willing, I’ll put this on my list of ideas earlier (wish a procrastinator like me GOOD luck!).

Holiday Magnets
This idea was influenced greatly by Hallmark. I was thinking about creating seasonal designs and pasting them on a cardboard and then glue a piece of magnet at the back. This one’s easy and simple and I was considering this as my only feasible option. But then it was too simple. Tsk tsk tsk…

Finally, I found the perfect gift! Thanks to the blog sites offering self help crafts or this site in particular

Post-It-Note- Holders! Lovely aren’t they? Cost is under $10 and time to complete is less than an hour. Now they’re the perfect give-aways this year. Not only are they pretty but also very useful. Plus, with the limited time I have, they are quite simple to make without limiting my design ideas.

With my mind made up and at peace with the choice, I’m all set up to buying the materials and will soon be posting pics of the final product. Thanks very much!


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