Holidays 2011

It’s so hard to believe that 2011’s almost over again when the holidays of last year was still fresh in my mind. Why it seemed like yesterday, we were strolling the grounds of Valley View with my family as we welcomed the year. Maybe because so many unpleasant and stressful things happened during the current year which compelled me to block out most of these events thus cutting the weeks and months shorter. Still, it’s undeniable that the holidays are getting nearer once more.

Just this morning on my way to the office, I felt that the breeze was a bit colder than usual despite the sun which had already risen high because I left home quite late today. And when I entered the Accounting Office, there was the concrete sign that says it all: fake pine leaves around the entrance ornamented with glitters and lights of colors red, blue, silver and gold plus the tall pine tree, likewise fake and decorated with ribbons, flowers and Christmas balls. Even the air-conditioning system added effect to the atmosphere. Yesterday, some of my “co-Associates” (term borrowed from kuya Tony hehe) were busy decking the halls literally and though I really wanted to help out, I was too busy to follow this other passion of mine. See? Work is always first without it even asking hehehe. Although I wasn’t able to take part in the fun, it still brought me wondrous feelings upon seeing the work of art finished.

Growing up, we never really observed the exciting task of preparing for festive holidays. When we were just kids, it was Mom and Dad who set up the Christmas tree and lights. After that, we moved house and I no longer remember seeing that old favorite tree. Mom and Dad no longer bothered to buy new ones either because we were getting older plus they were getting much occupied. And then later on, I discovered something: Christmas wasn’t really the date of Christ’s birth. Ever since then, I preferred “happy holidays” and “season’s greetings” over “merry Christmas.” In fairness, it remained to me a most agreeable holiday because it is fairly evident that most people behave their best during this season (well, excluding the hold-uppers, snatchers and the like hehe).

So I still find it amusing to decorate for the holidays. After all, one must understand that I am a natural lover of arts and creativity. Plus it sets the mood of like being in a snowy country, which I have always dreamed of going to since childhood. Seeing the lights, glitters, lanterns and trees everywhere makes me feel like a child again unaware of all the cares in the world. Perhaps this season may even serve as serenity for me to help me get ready for year 2012, before facing another year of insurmountable odds and ends. Well, I do not want to hasten for now (hehe). Until then, happy holidays everyone!


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