Brewing Up

I can’t get my mind off the celebration we’ve been planning for the kids for their 2nd and 4th birthdays. I had just spent my lunch time making the decorations. This year, we decided to take the kids for swimming and with their adoration for Ariel, it was the perfect combination to have an underwater theme. With the help of my friend, Rhen, I managed to finish colouring and cutting up several sea creatures, including Nemo and Flounder. The trick about underwater themes is that everything has to be glistening and shimmering like the water. Crystal glitters helped bring out the effect on these little fishes and shells.

I’ve been meaning to make these decorations since weekend but with loads of paperwork in the office, I just couldn’t find the time even at home (I was always exhausted recently, tsk tsk…). Fortunately, I realized I’m starting to cross out items from my things-to-do-list. Besides, I’m running out of time. If we want to celebrate in time with the holidays, I should be wrapping things up by now. Hmmm… It seems that I have a lot more to add to my list like making the letterings and getting other deco supplies, which remind me, that I need to brainstorm first which art materials would be more convenient (and cheap) to use without sacrificing much the beauty of the final outcome. Oh, there are no more excuses, I have to do these things now. So I’m sorry, work, you’ll have to wait ‘til next time. Hehe, of course I was just kidding. Work knows he’s always going to be first on the list although it doesn’t mean he’s priority, hehehe.

Now, I’m having an even harder time trying to focus on work. I can’t wait for shopping time! 🙂


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