While Elmo’s Song Lasts

No, I am not talking about the famous Elmo’s song that goes something like… “This is the song, lala-lala, Elmo’s song…” It’s more of “Ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit.” Yup, Elmo speaks Tagalog (haha) and this song captured my little Daisy’s heart.

Just a brief premise, I bought this baby-sized stuffed Elmo for Demi on her second birthday.

Unlike me, who grew up preferring Batibot or maybe watched Sesame Street too but only for a few times knowing Ernie and Bert but not Elmo, Demi loved the show Elmo’s World and fell mesmerized to the star, a charming and sweet little red monster, who loves to sing, dance and count. She was very happy to have him then. However, Demi’s preferences were quite different and more matured compared to kids her age. So while her inclination shifted to crayons, water colors, pens and papers, all her stuffed toys including Elmo were left idle on the shelves.

And now Daisy’s reached the same age. Though maybe not a trend, Daisy loved Elmo dearly too, only by a degree much higher than her older sister’s. It all started when I manipulated Elmo to sing the Lobo Song in an effort to amuse the child during one of her tantrums. It worked alright, so much that from then on, she’d always ask me to make Elmo sing even to my inconvenience. Not only that, her concern for the doll is something worth of envy. One time, I made Elmo act as if possessed or something thinking that Daisy might stop asking me to make the doll sing if I did this. To my astonishment, she cried. I felt bad of course, I thought I scared her, but the real reason for her distress was because she didn’t want Elmo to get hurt or something (hehe). And at night, while waiting for mr. Sleep to come, she’d cuddle and snuggle Elmo real tight. I’m really jealous and so much more is Daddy because Daisy would make him go away to save space beside her for Elmo (haha).

Perhaps the child’s love is understandable, considering that only Elmo puts up with her crabbiness without ever complaining or getting pissed off. Moreover, he is often the victim of her creative and inventive crafts. One particular example was Elmo’s teeth.

I was surprised when Daisy left Elmo looking like this because she had to take a bath. I just couldn’t resist taking a picture. I couldn’t have done it better myself! (hehe)

Presently, Elmo is still at the top of my little bundle of mischief’s list even with the introduction of Milo the sheep. Although his favourite performance is still the Lobo song, he’s now singing the real Elmo’s song too, to my child’s enchantment. One thing’s sadly inevitable though, sooner or later, the songs will no longer be requested and his performances will have little appeal. So while the child’s affection lasts, the doll’s got to put his heart to each and every one of them, before the fancy fades and before he retires back to the shelf, idle and alone once more.


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