Baa baa, White Sheep!

These sheep were invading my workplace yesterday. Aren’t they a lovely set of distraction? How they happened to become my possession is another lovely story to tell.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Shangrila Hotel in Mandaluyong courtesy of our very generous VP, sir RNM. All 8 of us from Philex, those who handled the books along with our Managers, were there to treat our guest of honour, a very dedicated auditor who, according to Ma’am Luman, responded consistently to correspondences during last year’s audit (it’s a perfectly safe proceeding ‘cause he’s no longer going to audit us this year hehe). Lunch was fabulous. We had tons of delectable appetizers and mouth watering main courses but the best treat, in my opinion, were the stuffed toys that came with the drinks. The waiter told us that if we ordered fruit drinks in combination, we’ll each have a stuffed sheep. I was thinking that the toy might be just small, like the toy animal I got once at a children’s party. Nevertheless, we all ordered mixed fruit drinks, perhaps out of curiosity or just because combined fruits weren’t such big deals in exchange for a free stuff.

For the rest of the 2 hours, we all enjoyed the scrumptious food over occasional chit-chat, although I have to admit, sitting right next to sir VP was a real uneasy position for me. I guess no matter how kind and considerate your boss is, he will always have this air of dominance. Well, anyway, finally our stuffed toys were handed over, together with desserts. I almost forgot the toy because of the food hehe, but when I got mine, I was overly delighted and declared that I’ll have something for my babies! Apparently, I am a very simple person with shallow whims and wishes such that I was even more overjoyed when Ma’am Luman gave her stuffed toy to me! Because I had 2 little girls, she thought I should have 2 little sheep too so they’ll each get a toy. Thank God and bless such a thoughtful and benevolent soul. 🙂 It’s such a wonderful feeling when you receive a gift especially when you didn’t even ask for it.

When we got back to the office, the sheep played a little on my work area before they were given a more proper home later in the evening. When I got home, the kids accepted the surprise in sheer pleasure. Even little Daisy who loves Elmo saved a space for the new member of the family. Because the kids were too young to think of names for their identical pets, I offered names for them myself. Demi’s pet was Meeko while Daisy’s was Milo. Sheep, in general, are meek (Meeko) and mild (Milo) creatures, thus the names hehe. And whenever I look at them from now on, I shall always remember how it feels to be surrounded by blessed people who are equally meek, mild and not to mention, generous and thoughtful too.


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