Officially missing you…

After 2 months of hibernation I finally got back to work and came face to face with dear old desktop again. First of all, I just want to say that I am extremely thankful to all my considerate friends and bosses in the office who helped and supported me through my recovery from a very sad and painful loss. It had been a long and insightful vacation that I’m feeling a little uneasy now, like it’s my first day at work. Over the months, many changes had occurred at the office and I know I’ve been missing a lot. My area still looks like a total mess when it should have been arranged before July ended. The new air conditioning system had been installed too. Not that I’m looking forward to this specific change. If there’s anything to blame for my becoming sick, I’d say it’s the air-con. New faces and perhaps rules or even customs and of course, there was the team building which I had been looking forward to but perhaps the biggest event I’ve missed were the many stories that went on around my friends’ life. Not to mention that there was hardly any entry on my blog too. Well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. It’s just a matter of perspective. I decided long ago to make the best out of whatever situation I’m in and it’s proven its value once again this time.

So while I was at home for 60 days recovering physically and emotionally, I did my best to still be helpful about my impending work at the office. It wasn’t so easy especially when the kids played with my cell phone or won’t even let me out of their sight (geez, I can’t even check my email unless their asleep). Now that I’m here at the office, I guess I could say that I surpassed the challenge. 😀

But what’s really bothering me now is that I’m missing the routine I had established over the days while I’m on vacation. For 60 days straight, I’ve grown accustomed to being greeted in the morning by my little kids’ faces beaming with happiness because they’re happy to see mommy still beside them. This morning even though I woke up really early, they caught me and made leaving home a bit more difficult. I miss watching cartoon movies with the kids and picking up their toys which they scatter around the house twice as fast as you keep them. I miss fooling around with the kids while Daddy prepared our lunch too. I let him do this not only because the kids like me better (hehe) but also because I discovered that he has talent in cooking. I long for the kids’ regular nap times when Daddy and I chat about endless topics while the kids took a rest. And I’ll definitely yearn for the casual strolls we took some afternoons which the kids look forward to in sheer delight. Now I’ll just get to enjoy these priceless moments every weekend. I admit there were inevitable times when the kids would get on my nerves especially when both of them demand for attention at the same time. But every night, we always end the day happily recalling the simple joys we had together.

I officially miss them now… At about this hour, the kids were about to wake up from their naps while Daddy and I might probably be reminiscing together our favorite topic that is our love story. Well, it isn’t such a sad day today. If I haven’t had good friends in the office, perhaps it would have been a tough adjustment. Still, I miss my family so much. I just can’t get enough of them. For now, I’ll be ending this post and calling it a day at work. I just can’t wait to be home…


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