My Very First Body Massage

Our much awaited body massage has finally come! …and gone. And I kind of hated my brain a little for being so conscious and observant the whole time as if I was writing this blog while I was lying there being assaulted with consent. 28 years into this life and I’ve just had my very first body massage. I’ve heard from other people that it’s supposed to be relaxing and that you’d fall asleep in the process but, too bad, that was not the case with me.

It was a relief that this first experience of mine was with my husband and although there really is nothing scary about body massage, I was clinging onto his arm while we were nearing the entrance to Nuat Thai at Pasig. More of embarrassment maybe, or the natural fear of firsts, or I just wasn’t sure of what to expect exactly except that you go bare and someone touches you from foot to head. The last made me most uncomfortable.

Inside, I realized it wasn’t the first time I’ve been to a place like that. A few years ago, we went to different branches of a spa and frankly, I got a better observation of the place back then than now. That’s because we were there for audit business and the ocular inspection was necessary. The experience was a fortune for me, because at that moment, I no longer felt the need to look around first before we go to the massage itself, if that was even allowed hehe.

We changed into slippers before they led us to the massage area. It was a long alley separated into small rooms or portions by curtains. The whole place was dimly lit and Thai music played softly creating a soothing atmosphere. We were escorted into two side by side portions and the curtain between us was shoved to the sides so we could see each other. First, we were asked to change into shorts provided to us and to lie face down on the firm mattresses before the therapists started. Mine was a girl and she covered my back with a towel before she began massaging my feet and legs. What a wondrous feeling! I should have asked her to massage my limbs for the rest of the hour though, because when she began with my back, everything just started going wrong for me.

Everywhere her fingers landed seemed to tickle and I had to muster up enough strength to keep myself from laughing because I knew I just could never stop if I started to. Believe me, it was so stressful. I had to think of so many things to drive away my mind from the ticklish spots and many times, I looked enviously at my husband who seemed to be contentedly drifting off to sleep. Moreover, even though the pressure I chose was “medium” because I always play safe, I secretly twitched in pain at every press of her fingers. My husband who chose “hard” didn’t seem to mind anything at all and he even chose a male therapist.

Finally, the back massage was over but too late, the state of my mind was anything but relaxed. When she started with my arms and then the head and temples, I no longer noticed if I was still feeling wondrous or not. My mind was fully awake by then, taking note of everything she’s doing, even counting and being rhythmic as if I was the one doing the massage.

I was just glad when it was over and enjoyed the hot tea to seal the deal. At least I was feeling “beautiful” after the massage because I heard that the opened pores make the skin glow (hehe). While changing into our clothes again, Dear and I were silently exchanging remarks and disappointments, giggling like silly kids sharing a mischievous secret. As it turned out, Dear had more complaints than I like the therapist massaged one of his arms only, or that he hardly felt the “hard” pressure. What a good actor, and I thought he was drifting off to sleep! Anyway, it’s impolite to be discontented, after all, we were not forced to this massage thing plus the staffs were especially nice and accommodating, so we went out all smiles and appreciative.

I’m not sure if I’d do this experience a second time particularly when the remembrance left was two days of back pain. Thanks to Salonpas the pain was toned down. Maybe we would try a different first again, like reflexology. I really don’t know if it’s the same thing but my husband says I ought to try this out. Maybe… but then again, remembering my ticklish spots, I’d probably experience just the same thing, if not exactly like it. 🙂


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