Movie Marathon

One day, after my husband met with my co-worker Michelle for a favour I’ve asked him to do because of my bed-rest condition, he came home carrying a copy of The Walking Dead, I’m not sure which series. Because he was looking so happy and excited about it, we decided to watch the movie right away. We both found it a good movie, but I wasn’t as hooked to it as my husband was, who even went through the pains of watching with cell phone headset because the kids started to nap later on. He finished devouring half of the series when unfortunately the DVD started skipping scenes repeatedly from the middle of the 4th episode onwards. He was so heavy hearted. He went back to the store where he got the DVD but The Walking Dead had been out of stock and delivery of other copies wasn’t confirmed. So he was given Piranha instead, which was also satisfactory in its own gory way. It took his mind away from disappointment… for a while. Soon after, he was pouting like a child to get The Walking Dead series again.

I had been suggesting him to watch my favourite Koreanovela aired on Channel 7 back in 2006, but many times he had declined. A Rosy Life, as it was entitled in the Philippines is about a housewife who struggled with all sorts of hardships, the hardest of all was when her husband demanded divorce because of another woman. I used to just watch it whenever I have the chance: when I got off early from a client or sometimes on the buses’ television while on my way home so I secured myself a DVD copy to be able to watch it in full.
Of course I knew that any guy would not be interested with drama but I thought that it was lengthy enough to get his mind off of zombies (hehe) so I offered him again to watch it. Out of desperation (perhaps) he finally gave in. My copy wasn’t dubbed so you really have to watch closely and read subtitles. At the beginning of the movie, I was saying “kung nabo-bored ka, pwede mo nang palitan, Dear.” But because he was a naturally patient person, he gave ample time to watch it until the story reached its dilemma wherein he got a little teary-eyed (he wouldn’t admit it though, haha).

I knew that once he got to the part where Sung Moon announced divorce to Soon Yi, unconsciously on their 10th year anniversary, Nilo would be hooked. I remembered myself crying when I watched that part so I was teasingly observing Nilo if he’d cry too. I’m not saying that he did, but I discovered that he does have a soft spot too (hehehe). After that, he was craving to watch the movie whenever he can and at times was even guilty of unintentional negligence towards the kids and me ;-). All 24 episodes he watched, not missing a single scene. All in all, it took us a week to fully watch it. So I am now recommending this movie as an effective subject for a movie marathon.

A Rosy Life aka Life is a Bed of Roses begins with Soon Yi in the market having a hard time choosing between big and small octopus for an occasion. She was a frugal person who gets her clothes from the neighborhood recycling bins to save a few dollars for her family and she was a dedicated wife who serves her in-laws and stays up late to help her husband earn a few more bucks.

Her troubles began when her husband, Sung Moon, came home to announce he wanted a divorce on the night of their 10th year anniversary. After that, a series of other heart-breaking events happened to her. What’s good about the story was Soon Yi’s bravery to fight for her rights until she had no other option except to give in and accept her misfortunes. Alongside her miseries, her sister, Young Yi, suffered similar heartaches from a beautifully ironic case being the other woman. These and other realistic occurrences in life made us captivated by the story.

Although the story was mainly drama, it was not too heavy to watch the scenes altogether. For one thing, Soon Yi was not the type of person to sulk and be bitter about the world which made her a loveable type of protagonist. Another, the story included silly events from her in-laws and the fraud other-mother-in-law, her father and the old woman from the store who has an eye on her father, and from Sung Moon and Soon Yi themselves. Moreover, there were plenty of romantic scenes towards the end from Young Yi and her suitor, which will melt your heart in a pleasant way.

I can not say whether the ending was happy or not. In a way, I find it sad. But from a broader viewpoint, it ended best for all of the characters whom you will love in the end. Finally, if I am going to recommend this movie for a marathon, I think I said enough spoilers and I might as well end here or I might spill some more. If it worked to divert my husband’s attention for a week at least, it has probably enough charm to captivate others. In the meantime, I’ll be ready to say yes anytime my husband says he’d like to get a copy of The Walking Dead. Who knows maybe in my next blog, I’d be recommending it too. 🙂


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