Ode to my Beloved One

Being the procrastinator that I am, I am being punished that this birthday ode for my beloved husband had been delayed for more than a month (his birthday was last July 3 *sheepish smile*). Anyway, as they all say, it’s better late than never, although this was never my principle ever since I was a child and until now. I promote punctuality (ironic for a procrastinator, isn’t it?) and for me, it’s better absent than late, hence, the “absenera” attitude (haha!). Well anyway, it’s really difficult to understand an epitome of paradox such as me, but enough of me. This is supposed to be an ode to my Beloved One…

Last July 3, Nilo celebrated his Nth birthday (censored for the advantage of our celebrant hehehe) and since he did a great job surprising me on my recent birthday, I had to do my best to double it. It’s a good thing Nilo is a grateful person by nature and so he didn’t dwell too much on my lapses if he even noticed them. My first gift was good enough and I was happy that he was genuinely happy when he saw these 2 vouchers for body massage at Nuat Thai. He appreciated them even though he learned that I got these vouchers at 50% discount (hehe). Initially, the vouchers were intended for him alone, foot and body massage but he insisted to include me and I couldn’t refuse of course. The second gift was a scrapbook of his photos with a poetic message expressing my gratitude about having him as “himself”. A reproduction could be viewed as a slideshow below (with slight differences from the actual scrapbook).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My third gift was not a success. We had been planning to buy a DVD player for the kids to enjoy and I figured his birthday was supposed to be the best timing. But since I wasn’t too prepared, I failed to canvass for the best DVD player. I didn’t have time to do it even if I had to buy the electrical thing on the morning of the day of his birthday. What’s even more disastrous, the store didn’t have new stocks so I purchased the display even though I hesitated at first. At first, the player worked okay but after a few weeks later, the thing goofed up and so I had to confess my stupidity. Good thing, he’s very much forgiving and understanding hehehe. Well anyway, we suffered after his birthday so I shouldn’t count it as a lapse, shouldn’t I? :-p

We treated out the kids to The Little Playroom for the rest of the day, and we did have a blast. =) I guess that’s what counts most, in a way, I had made him happy on his very special day. =)


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