The things I am thankful for

July’s almost ending, and I realized I barely contributed to my current month’s archive. I have to admit, I got a little bored with blogging, and this is upon knowing that my passion in writing could help me earn few more bucks. Just like a child who pays all attention to his new toy, I craved for this new experience with exaggerated zest. However, after taking a couple of projects from which I scantily earned a few dollars, I realized that I could never give up my present career for freelance writing. For sure I would be taking a few more projects in the future but they will always be second priority.

First off, I realized through actual computation, that my hour’s pay as an Accountant is still largely higher than the income I could earn in a writing project. When it comes to stress, however, I found out that they were inversely proportional for me. In fact, I think I got sick this weekend partly because of the stress I underwent with a recent project. Working nonstop to comply with the part time job also, I had to overwork my eyes and mind until they hurt. Moreover, I remembered eating soup for lunch because that was the only food that allowed me to eat and work at the same time. Maybe I was just overstressed since this is my first experience and all nevertheless, stress was inevitable. And so one thing I am thankful for is the job which had been given to me. I work 7 hours 5 days a week, but I have never experienced my mind and eyes hurt as much as they hurt that day (not applicable with my first job hehe). Truly, God knows my faculty better than anybody else. He knew that my stress tolerance is so weak and because of this, I’d probably suck as a writer if I ever became one. Writing is my passion but it is not my skill so I’d like to say, I’m contented where I am and thank you for giving me this career. Indeed, money and happiness are not interchangeable. Although freelance writing is worth dollars, personal blogging is still a lot more enjoyable 🙂

To continue, as I have mentioned, I got sick last weekend. Now I’d normally regard this as somewhat unpleasant since I’ve always been looking forward to weekends like an important holiday to enjoy with my Dear and the kids. But it was an insightful day for me which made me realize what I have that I should be thankful for.

I started feeling sick since Monday morning when I woke up with a slight burning in my throat. Nevertheless, I went to work. After that, the following days were a series of stressful events especially when I took a writing project last Tuesday and had to work even on breaks just to beat the deadline. To add up to the discomfort, the air-conditioning system was intolerably cold. By Thursday night, I was feeling worse and irritated that I snapped at my daughters’ rascals. Still, I forced myself to go to work on Friday only to go home again by lunch time because my hands were practically freezing and my back was aching like hell.

Nilo took care of me for the rest of the day when I was burning with fever. I tried not to get too much attention although he is always as patient as a saint, because I felt like I was taking something away from the kids. However, he managed to take care of me even though I’m sure he himself was exhausted. And that is another thing I am most thankful about, a most understanding, patient, loving and caring husband. Not that I wasn’t thankful about him before. I was just reminded of how valuable he is to me and it prompted me to change my immature complaining about petty things, because Nilo, who always takes most of the burden have always been patient.

So for the rest of the weekend, Nilo did not allow me to lift a finger in the house. Moreover, he bought me a cozy knitted sweater to keep me warm in the office. In addition to this fortune, Demi was amazingly cooperative as she tried her best not to throw tantrums. With Daisy, her mischief was our precious source of happiness, but she was her same destructive self, haha. Well, what could one expect from a 1 year old toddler. Overall, they were one complete package of a happy family He has given me without me even asking. Thank you for this most beloved gift.

During the weekend, Nilo indeed put forth his efforts to make me comfortable and taken cared of. But much more than this, he has given me time for myself when he himself had not taken that privilege ever since he had decided to quit working abroad. I took this time to contemplate on things and I realized just how lucky I am. I could claim that I am contented and very much happy although one might say that we are lacking in so many things, which is true. Maybe this is because of the inner peace in my heart; that I am able to keep the things that matter most to me. And I know this fortune is not the result of my very immature decisions or actions. Instead, I believe they are gifts. And so I am all the more indebted to Him and because of this, I shall always thank Him, all the days of my life.


3 thoughts on “The things I am thankful for

  1. Love this entry! You write really well. May mga topics lang talaga na kahit gifted ka, pag di nakalinya sa interest and passions mo, parang torture. Nabasa na ba to ni Nilo?

    • Hehe, hindi pa… Di ko na nga sya na-update sa mga blog ko eh. Baka lumaki ulo haha… Thanks if you find my writing well. Accepted ko na rin naman na I like writing more than it likes me hehe. I miss blogging!

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