Passing through the eye of a needle… that’s what I feel right now. For one year we have been working on this dream like an ant working its way up a tree. Many times I have doubted if this was in accordance with His will. I have even questioned my motives often times but I am assured up to now that I have no negative intentions. But here we are now, at the last stage. We have not achieved the dream yet but at least we have something to hope for. Waiting could be painful but where we are now is so much better than the stages we had been through.

Within the one year that passed there had been many struggles: deadlines, restrictions, problems that seemed to hinder us. I remember having felt so frustrated being helpless. But every time I was on the brink of giving up, we beat the deadlines and we succeeded each critical parts of the process.

The last part had been a close call too, a few days before the deadline and all our efforts would have been wasted. Back to zero in my opinion, and I’m not sure if I’d be willing to undergo the process again. Time and money had been spent. Of course, I know there will still be another way just like the times He had helped us succeed each deadline. It is I who doubt if I’d be willing to take the effort again. As I have said about myself, I am not the most positive person on earth.

So you would know how thankful I am now that the efforts are done and almost over. Though I can not really make you realize how I feel at the moment, now that we could start waiting, anticipating, to finally have hope. I could say now that whatever the results would be, in a way we have succeeded. So thanks be to God.


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