Happy Birthday Bes!

For the past 21 years of my life I have known her, 15 years as my best friend.

We were just 7 when we first met each other in Mang Santos’ service. I still remember her as the girl with curly locks because I used to wish for those curls too (hehe). For me, she was the prettiest girl among the 6 of us, Grade 1 girls in the service although I didn’t feel that time that she thought the same about herself. Lorraine was a shy and modest girl even when we were young. She wasn’t my closest friend then. Not yet. Back then, they were all even to me.

As a child, I felt that Lorraine and I differed tremendously. She was the studious type and I knew she was intelligent because she consistently belonged to the star sections while I was just average. Being the eldest sister too, I had the impression that Lorraine was serious type so I got a little shy to approach her, afraid that she’d be appalled by a bit of my mischief.

When we became classmates in Grade 6, my perspective changed. Lorraine was a good friend, no doubt, but I realized we have lots of common interests too. She was an enjoyable company and her humble attitude completely erased the “serious and strict” impression. I felt most comfortable with her than with anybody else.

By first year high school, Lorraine and I became very good friends. We were classmates again and were practically always together such that most teachers had mistaken us as sisters or even twins. That was when we became best friends.

So who is Lorraine? Bes, as I fondly call her now, is a person who has a good head on her shoulders and has maintained it that way up to now. Her opinions on significant issues or casual discussions were never meaningless. I had often been a beneficiary to her sensible advices, especially during the dark ages.

Many times she may seem uptight but I’m assured a good humor has been well-tended inside and continuously improving. She has been sharing her clever jokes for as long as we’re together. We’ve shared many a good laughter about innocent waiters, passers by or victims as we generally call them (hehe). Bes could get a little crazy too. After all, no friend of mine is not without a little hint of it (haha).

Behind her delicate façade, Lorraine is a strong person. She knows very well her goals and has always been determined to achieve them. Indeed, Bes had gone far in her journey through life. Graduated highest in her department at ADMU, currently juggling her job, sidelines and MA in UP all at once, and just recently, passed the boards, her goals in life become more confirmed and I can see them start to unfold step by step, one by one. She’s quite a published researcher and editor now and I can’t help but beam with pride whenever I see her printed name as if it was my own. 🙂 Her conviction to her ambitions is really firm and highly regarded.

More than a friend, I felt that I have a second sister in her. Not many people find their soul-mate in friends and I thank God for giving me this experience.

Happy birthday Bes! For so many years we had spent wonderful birthday celebrations and special memories and secrets. I had let you off plenty of years calling me “ate” for 14 days. This year was no exception. Today however, you turned 28… Now, we’re even… I’m not letting you off that easily on the blow-out, after all, this is a double celebration of your birthday and passing the board! 😀 So as you read this, you better prepare. Haha! 😉


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