My Boy’s Night Out

One of the things I have been blessed about in life is having Nilo as my husband who’s not only an externally attractive being but also an exceptionally beautiful soul. Not that there is a need to explain, but to justify the claims, his being attractive is dependent on the eyes of the beholder while his being a beautiful soul is evident on the fact that he could bear my very frequent state of petulance. I couldn’t ask for more than his being a naturally concern father too and with these basic attributes, he got me devotedly, hook, line and sinker.

Good boys deserve a treat, and so last May 22, Sunday, Dear took a rest off from the frenzy of domesticated life and went out for a night swimming. At first thought, I was delighted to hear that my husband’s male friends would be coming over for an outing because he really needed this break. But things turned a little uneasy in the end which made me realize certain things.

The party initially included bro. Rolly, who was also our “ninong” in our wedding, bro. Danilo, bro. Joy and bro. Bok, who went over at the house first to visit us and see the kids.
The children loved them dearly and constantly plagued them for attention. Afterwards, bro. Andy, bro. Greyman, bro. Pat, bro. Billy and sis. Gelai went with them. Too bad, the second party didn’t have much time to drop at the house first so they went straight to Bosay, the chosen resort in Antipolo. Although our little playroom house has very inadequate space, it could always hanker for the presence of visitors. 🙂

Because I needed to tend for the kids, I couldn’t go with them 😦 But perhaps it’s also for Dear’s best interest that I have to stay at home because he took a rest from my mood swings also. For several hours after he had informed me of their arrival at the resort, I kept thinking what my husband’s probably doing then, and the more I kept thinking, the more I get agitated and I constantly checked my cellphone for a call or message. None of it turned up, of course. When you’re wet all over, you don’t often take the phone with you unless it’s water resistant, and I haven’t seen a phone as such. In short, I was being unreasonable [again]. My husband, on the other hand, did enjoy the company, asking sis. Gelai (she stayed at the cottage the whole time) all the while if I had messages for him. Now, I’m feeling guilty for acting such a sourpuss.

By 1am, his friends had dropped him off back to our house where I received him feeling a little bit crabby. Yep, his vacation from my mood swings was over. I know I ought to be happy because my dear had enjoyed the night, but I can’t help feeling a bit jealous. In the end, I think I tainted his bubbliness a little [okay fine, I destroyed it] with my childishness so I’m feeling rotten even as I’m writing this down. To make things end well, I had to shake myself to my senses and pick up the lessons I had to learn. One thing, this incident made me realize that I needed to be a little more soft in “possessing” him no matter how much I love him to give way to his happiness that I could not solely provide. Another, our separation even for just a few hours made me realize also that it will always be a nice feeling that at the end of the day, no matter who my husband spent time with, we will always be his home, and he will always come back to us.

At the bottom line of these things, I shall be looking forward to my boy’s next night out with his friends for when that happens, God willing, I will remember my lessons well.


2 thoughts on “My Boy’s Night Out

  1. Hmm, selosa ka pala?!!! At strict!!!

    At sobrang in love 😛 At a beautiful soul, naks, Bro. Nilo, haba ng hair mo!

    Externally attractive? …. Sige na nga, di na ko hihirit. Baka di na ko makapasok sa house niyo! (peace!)

    • Haha, hindi pa nga nya nababasa to, patay na naman ako haha! Hamo na, beauty is skin deep naman eh :p saka sabi ko hindi ako tumitingin sa panlabas na anyo! hahaha! Asar talo 😀


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