Nintendo Days

The other night, while my husband and I were reminiscing after putting the kids to bed, our conversation landed on sharing about computer games we enjoyed ages ago. Being the sentimental that I am, it got me awake til past the slumber time my body clock dictates and I have this excited feeling until now to recall the games we used to play.

Back when we were still young, when there was more time for recreation than worries, we spent a considerable part of our lives playing and fighting over the Family Computer. During those days, nobody was an exception in the family I guess that makes the name very appropriate. Kuya Kris was the most expert in my opinion, for he excelled in almost all games. But I recalled it’s kind of obnoxious sometimes, how he hogs the computer most of the times thinking that his expertise was an excuse for his selfishness (haha I’m not bitter huh?). But okay, I admit, it was more enjoyable to watch him play than me so in a sense it was kind of a privilege for him. Nobody complained at him for keeping the computer to himself as long as he made the watch exciting which he certainly never failed to do. Kuya Niño on the other hand was good at plane fighting and boxing games. He was the first to defeat Mike Tyson in punch out, a game I didn’t play much because it got me so nervous my hands were practically shaking whenever I did. My types of game were always cute and childish, like the Milk n Nuts or Mappy, or those that would require strategy such as the Binary Land. I think little Olie played the Circus Charlie even though she was just about 6. As for John, the youngest in the family, since he was not as exposed to the Famicom as us, he made up for the loss through PC games addiction later on. Even Dad used to play race games and his fave game was F-1 Race. And believe it or not, even Mom could not be beaten in Bomber Man.

My husband, who was still in his other side of the world that time, did relate to this childhood folly and that night, enjoyed sharing the games he preferred. But since he is male, I found the games he liked as boring, such as Galaga and Galaxians. We did agree on Super Mario Brothers 1 and 3 though. But then again, who wouldn’t?

Since I am in the state of sentimental mood again, I might as well dig through my dusty chest of computer games and share a piece of my childhood while readers, especially those within my age range, might as well allow that slight tug on their sentimental strings too. NOTE: Title of games were written in all caps.

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I know I am not much of an explorer for my attitude toward things is to try a bit of everything but stick only to a few selections. My list had been expanded much already including those that I did not often play. So if you think your favorite or familiar game isn’t on the list, you are most welcome to enlighten me and add this on the comment panel. Happy reminiscing! 🙂


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