Can-Afford Dinner Date With Bes

Between the hustle and bustle of work and extra-curricular activities, Bes and I managed to meet again at the Ateneo de Manila grounds where I visited her last May 12 and just like any other meetings, this called for a celebration. 😉

First of all, it was nice to have toured around her working place. The Ateneo grounds were really peaceful. With lots of trees and plants, secluded streets and quiet buildings, the atmosphere made me miss my old high school days. Lucky for Bes, memories of her school days were always refreshed as she gets to jog around the area with friends after office hours.

Then she took me inside the IPC building to introduce me to several friends and bosses. There was noticeably no “prospectus” around (for possible male “friend”) and this was confirmed by Bes herself. What an unfortunate state for such a lovely place (Hehe just kidding).

IPC building has a beautiful long hallway that stretches on both side from the stairs.

Male CR: for ornamental purposes. No prospectus remember? (Hehe, just kidding.)

Bonding inside the CR for heaven’s sake!

After that, we went to her office room which she occupies all by herself. By the side was a couch, perfect for an afternoon nap (this was perhaps the most used object in the room hahaha ;)). She has 4 computers, 2 on each corner beside the window. At that moment she was using the the PC by the right corner but her real station was on the left. Everywhere were shelves of books and more books. Then one side of the room was full glass window. If you would open the blinds, you would be relaxed by the view of an old tree with its branches and leaves reaching the windowpane. Very cozy indeed!

But when the sun sets I guess it would be a different feeling. For one thing, the other vacant computers invite use to you-know-what (sorry Bes, that’s one of my foolish notions hehe). The shelves of books casted shadows: best for hiding places of imaginary creatures. And then perhaps the branches tapping against the wide window would be too disturbing a sound in the quiet of the dead night. And yet you couldn’t have the guts to face the window because you might discover that Sadako had been watching you as keenly as you were at work. Believe it or not though, Bes confessed that she had managed to stay alone working until 11pm. She really deserves a prize, braving against the unseen for the sake of dear work. Hahaha, enough nonsense. Still, I’d trade the cozy couch for any reward, that’s how embarrassingly scaredy-cat I am. Hehehe…

Bes did get herself the reward she deserves: a printed acknowledgement on books she had helped in the publication and printing! I was so proud when I saw her name scattered on the pages of the books they use in Urban Planning Development. Not to mention the one printed right on the front cover.

It was a short while until Bes finished work.

Bes at work

Soon, we were on our way out of the Ateneo grounds (which very much reminded me of my dear St. Scho Marikina grounds – sweet high school days) to the most interesting “Ken Afford.” This was the place suggested by Bes where we could enjoy a pleasant dinner date and just like always, her talent in food recommendation hasn’t failed. A few walks afterwards, I finally came face to face with the eating place and though it was quite small, it looked a little fancy. 😀

Since Bes was the one frequent with the place, I let her chose the menu: crisply kangkong with chicken in white sauce and the undying pork sisig (best and crunchy!). I picked out the yummy sylvanna and the complete set costed us Php240 only.

Ken Afford really 🙂 While chatting over the remnants afterwards, though we practically wiped out the dishes clean, (hehe) Bes saw our old high school friend, Pauleen. We didn’t leave the place without saying our hi’s and how are you’s, of course.

Before ending the date, Bes helped me picked up a few groceries, that is: a 1.4kg box of milk, bulky diaper set of 34s, a large bread with cream and cheese on top plus a few other hygiene stuffs. Okay, few is quite a relative word, y’know, because Bes picked up only the latter stuffs, hehe. Alas, it was time to part ways. Time was really short when you’re having fun but it’s not such a bad thing. It only made me want to look forward to more visits with my bestest friend, Lorraine. 😀


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