Go Fuego!

Not until this holy week (April 16 onwards) did summer come this year nevertheless, it’s very much here and it’s saying, it’s never too late to visit the beach! I may not be an avid fan of beaches and pools or swimming as a whole, but this year, I decided to go to our Company swim outing at Punta Fuego which was held last May 7, not for my sake really but for the kids. 🙂

The beautiful Punta Fuego

Thanks to God for the Company’s generosity, married employees like me could take 2 family members for free plus kids below 7 years old. So I was able to take my husband, the kids and ate Edna too. The minute I told them about the outing, Demi was so excited and her cheerfulness was so contagious it got into me and Dear in no time. We got the kids floats and beach toys: We bought them swim suits too, while I sewed matching beach skirts (with really long slits at the side) 🙂 Weeks before the outing, we were almost ready except for one problem… What am I to wear?

Basically, this is the trouble that makes me back out with swimming. But I can’t back out without bursting the kids’ bubble so I spent the remaining time canvassing for the most proper beach wear. I can not show too much skin, but I want to fit in with the place. If it was with the brethrens, I’d have no trouble wearing t-shirt over beach pants. This is not the case though because resorts have certain restrictions. It was quite a task but I managed to find the perfect wear I couldn’t even describe before hand haha!

The complete get up consisted of a white cover-up over a blue Y-strapped (?) blouse and pair of shorts that’s covered with sarong (the whole time I was out of water). Special compliments to Jhen for providing and teaching me how to use the sarong. 😉 I tried on the clothes a day before while we were packing things up. Excited? Haha, considering I wasn’t feeling too well that time.

Counting down until it’s zero hour and off we go to Punta Fuego!

We arrived punctually by 5am at the office lobby and while waiting for the final announcement on bus arrangement, Demi and Daisy allowed themselves to be mesmerized by the flower horn fishes next to the reception desk.
It didn’t take long before they finally designated which bus is which. Ours was Bus D and our coordinators were kuya Resty (Sangki) and sir Mike. My dear friend Ethel was at the same bus with us. 🙂
At exactly 5:30am, the buses left for our destination.

It was a long drive and the kids tried several ways to amuse themselves. From eating chips and Jollibee (provided by Philex), to singing bahay-kubo, and Demi’s trend setter lyrics of “sigarilyo at mani,” both of them managed to get sleep during the travel.
Kuya Sangki and sir Mike distributed the bandannas with colours showing our team. Ours was blue (Bluetooth later on hehehe…). As we neared the destination, the kids woke up in good mood, refreshed and ready for action. Excellent!

We arrived at the resort by past 9 and among group cheers, welcoming remarks (by SVP-HR sir Garcia), and breakfast of oven-baked macaroni with garlic bread and iced tea, we finally got to swim by 11am. 🙂
First we tried the pool. There’s this “watch-man” who was so strict about clothing he asked everyone with cover-ups to remove them. Most was pissed off of course and decided to just go to the beach. I, myself would have opted too, except that this was for the kids and so I had to be obedient. Fortunately, the only people around were kids and women save my husband and that watch.

Then we tried the beach where the water was a lot cooler. It was enjoyable but the kids were getting tired which spells B-A-D-T-E-M-P-E-R. Dear splattered the kids with wet sand which sent them hollering in protests of disgust (Demi was practically screaming “kadiri, ayaw ko ng lupa!”).

Soon, everyone’s attention was to us, embarrassing as it was. Nothing beats my Dear’s talent in teasing them. I took this as a signal to take them out of the water. Not to mention that it was 12 noon and way past their morning nap.

At almost 1pm, we had completely showered and changed clothes. We went back to the Function Room for delectable lunch of sweet & sour fish fillet, grilled pork liempo, chicken ragout, vegetable teppanyaki and lechon. I devoured the fish fillet (partida pa, I was holding Daisy on one arm for she was sleeping by this time), Dear and Demi consumed the lechon while ate Edna’s favourite was the liempo. To seal the hunger, we satisfied our tastebuds with the creamy leche flan, which sweetness was just exact. Now I’m feeling sorry for having to forget taking pictures of the glorious food 😦

By past 2 in the afternoon, the games officially began. For most of the games, Bluetooth won, that is, during the trials only hahaha! As for the actual, I think we won the group jump rope and one round of the sort-of-charades. The Pink Archers was the champion though.

"Itaguyod and bandera ng Bluetooth Team!" - We were all winners says Atty. Ike hehe 😉

Before calling it a day, snacks of empanada and iced tea were served. Afterwards, we fixed the duffel bag which got heavier because of the wet clothes and waited outside (and took advantage of the natural light which was perfect for pictures!).

The shuttles took us back to where our buses parked. At 5pm, we were hitting the roads to get back to Manila. Demi was the first to sleep before Daisy.

We were home sweet home by 9:30pm… 🙂 What a wonderful way to celebrate summer, and who knows? I think I’ll be planning another swimming escapade this year because I’m beginning to like the water. 😉


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