NBI Clearance

The last time I took my NBI clearance, their office was still at Carriedo in Quiapo, Manila. Darn, had it been really ages ago? I got mine last May 3 at the new location of course, and for the benefit of those who’d get their NBI clearances too, the address is:

VICTORY CENTRAL MALL, 5th Floor, #717 Old Victory Liner Compound, Rizal Avenue

The easiest way to get there is by the old LRT. It’s walking distance from the Monumento Terminal.

If you’re getting a renewal, you could just authorize someone to get it for you. All you need is the authorization letter, your ID, the authorized person’s ID, and the old NBI clearance. Initially, my husband should get it for me, but I needed to update from my maiden name (I told you it was ages ago ;-)) so I needed to go there personally.

We took Demi with us because ate Edna would have a hard time taking care of the two kids, for I bet it’d take us the whole day almost. It took us two hours to get there. Aside from the travel time alone, we also went to PNB first to update my bank account to my married name too, but that was just about 15-20 minutes.

Once you get to the building, go to the 5th floor. If you have passed by Madam Auring’s massage booth, you’re on the right track! Keep going up, and once at the 5th floor, look around for the signs “STEP 1 to 5.”

STEP 1: It’s quite easy to secure a new NBI clearance. My husband had gotten me the fingerprint card beforehand and I had filled it out at home so that when got there, I immediately lined up for the information check.

STEP 2: Next is paying of Php115 fees. This would take most of the transaction time because of long lines although there were several operational windows already.

STEP 3: This step is the taking of picture. This was quite fast!

STEP 4: Then the fingerprinting. Be ready with 2 peso coins for the wet wipes. You’ll need it to wipe the ink off your fingers afterwards.

STEP 5: This is the last step. You’ll just need to show the accomplished card to the person at the window and should be a fast step except that it is noticeable that some of the windows were idle. Lines are very very very very long.

If you’re name is unique, you most likely would get your NBI clearance that same day. In my case, I was “HIT,” the term they use if your name has more than one owner. Contemplating though, perhaps they should consider taking ALL three names of a person so that there’d be less (or none at all) hits and every clearances issued at the same day. Seriously, travelling to Monumento, if you’re from Cainta is not too easy…

STEP 6: This is the most likeable part, the bonding time! 🙂 Daddy and I took Demi to Inasal (it’s at the ground floor of the building) and perhaps due to fatigue, she surprisingly ate A LOT!

Daddy and daughter moment 🙂

Before finally going home, we went to National Bookstore where Demi bought stencils for herself, and another set of crayons (the nth I’ve bought) for her and Daisy.


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