Rainforest Adventure

As a sequel of our anniversary celebration, we treated the kids out the next day, April 30, 2011. We wanted to bring the kids to some place new because it had always been at the Playroom (we particularly like the one in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall), and some place not too distant. It proved that the Pasig Rainforest Park best suited the description so off we went!

First off, it was free entrance 🙂 The park has three attractions, the Butterfly Garden, Mini-Zoo, and the Train but you have to pay for tickets to get in. Fees are very cheap though, that is Php5 for adults and Php1 for children if you are residents of Pasig, and Php20 for adults and Php5 for children for nonresidents. They also have a pool but I heard it’s always crowded with people despite its considerable size so I wasn’t interested much to try it, much less, to know the entrance fees (sorry :D).

We secured tickets for all the attractions but the vendors told us the train wasn’t operational. My husband and I were a little disappointed, nevertheless we decided it will have to do next time. We toured around first to plan the itinerary. The Butterfly Garden closes at 10am and re-opens at 2pm so we decided to go there first, since it was quarter to 10 already. However, Nilo decided to buy a few chips first and took him longer than he planned such that when he got back, the garden was closed. 😦 So, we went to the Mini-Zoo:

The Mini-Zoo:

Demi showing off the mini-zoo stamp on her hand:

Although the zoo was quite small, it took us a long while to see everything, especially since the kids took time to play with the other children they saw at the zoo. Plus, I wanted to capture every scenic view, not to mention force the kids to be part of the pictures, hehe. We ate lunch and changed the kids’ clothes afterwards.

And then we went to the rainforest playground.

After that, we saw several teenage boys running and playing at the grassy open area right beside the train terminal. The lawn looked inviting especially for the kids, so we went there too and discovered that the boys were playing with a “salagubang,” throwing it as far away as any one of them could. I didn’t know if I’d laugh or cry for the salagubang’s sake! Anyway, the place was very cool, so I began to wonder why not too many people went there.

Right beside the area was the desolated train station, which was closed. 😦

A few minutes later, the security guard came and excused himself saying that the place is restricted for the time being because they were letting the grass grow. Figures, haha! It was okay, we had taken enough pictures already. 😀

Next destination, we decided to try the Senior Citizen’s Park. Upon entering the Seniors’ park, we noticed again that it was empty, except for a maintenance woman who was sleeping on the seat enclosing the round covered veranda. We went in nevertheless and walked barefooted over the pebbly area, which I think has some health purposes. It was for the old people after all. This was my husband’s favourite place (he’s getting old hehehe).

The kids were starting to get cranky so we decided to just wait for the Butterfly Garden to re-open for the last stop before heading home. But then we saw the train! It was operating! Immediately, we went to the station but the guard said it was just being tested. Several people complained though, since they have bought tickets to the train already. So the guard went to the ticket booth to inform the vendors to stop selling tickets. To appease the clamors though, he said to accommodate everyone who had tickets already. We were able to ride the third batch. 🙂

Soon we were all tired and though it was just 3pm, we called it a day, took a cab, and went home, exhausted but definitely happy. 🙂 Next time, we will try the Butterfly Garden, too… God willing, of course. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rainforest Adventure

  1. Not many people go there I guess because not many people know about it. I actually just found out after reading your blog post! Thanks for sharing… I now have another idea where to take my daughter 🙂

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