Royal Anniversary

April 29, 2011. While the rest of the world grippingly watched the fairy tale love story of Prince William and Kate, I and my Dear husband were enthralled by our own plans for a lovely wedding anniversary celebration. For me, it’s quite emblematic that their chosen date of wedding was the same as ours. Now I have the folly to pretend that royal blooded people think alike (lol). It made me remember too, the last line of the article about me in my high school grad book: “Even if she doesn’t eventually marry Prince William, she will always be a princess.” (compliments to Tani Bocaya, a very good friend up to now). I’m thinking, I can not marry him, we have the same blood (hahaha). So God gave me another Prince to marry and we are living happily ever after.

Well, pulling myself back to the ground, it’s been a while since my Dear and I last dated out because the kids are quite a handful, plus the daily stresses were slowly trying to influence our relationship, so we had been looking forward to this special night.

As soon as we had tucked the kids to bed, we went out ready to enjoy each other’s company. We chose Isaw Haus since it’s the nearest and most commendable place for the occasion. While waiting for the food to be served, I placed a letter envelope on the table before my husband, and he sheepishly took it because he said he didn’t prepare anything for me (wow, how naturally sweet, hehe). I told him I expected it and didn’t mind at all, increasing his guilt all the more (haha the desired effect of course :p ). I watched him closely while he took the paper inside and opened it. At first, he was confused, and it was a long moment before the surprise sank into him. It was the result of my exams, the sweet suspense. He smiled and looked at me while I raised my eyebrows and raised my hand for a high five. He kissed my hand and congratulated me, saying “See, I told you!” This time, I found his arrogance acceptable so I no longer argued. And, as a reward, we tolerated a bit of gluttony as he added a few more orders because he said the surprise increased his appetite (and secretly, so did mine haha). As usual, the restriction was with stomach space and keeping watch of our figures (as if we have figures to maintain haha).

Our food consisted of inihaw varieties, tokwa’t baboy and the most loved sizzling sisig plus the undisclosed number of rice servings (hehe).

It was a perfect night for both of us.


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