Sweet Suspense

After a year of preparation, I decided to finally face my fears and end my agony. And so I took the test last month of April. I was scheduled on the 14th at Salustiana Tower, Makati for the first part. I arrived at least an hour earlier than the schedule and while waiting, I killed time by texting messages with Nilo, who was perhaps more excited about the results than me. In the first place, excitement was the last thing I felt at that time. I was sooo nervous. This test costed us 9k! I’d just die if I had to repeat.

I finished early with the first part and Nilo called the minute he learned it was over, he was assessing how it went and told me it looked positive because of my voice. Of course not, he has just probably mistaken the adrenalin rush with confidence. I told him I didn’t expect that my opinion about concerts would be asked for I had never been to one. And I find Nilo’s overconfidence unbearable that I had to break his bubble so when he asked me what I answered, I started to say, “The concert is beautiful…” and he immediately cut me out with his laughter and said “Go borrow another 9k!”

As for the part two, it was scheduled on the 16th at the Makati Shangrila. As usual, I arrived too early and so I had to stay at the waiting area. To fill in the time, I took shots of the place. At ten minutes before the time, I proceeded at the area and found that hundreds had been taking their registration already. I did not mind the long line though, there was plenty of extra time allotted for the registration so that nobody got late.

The test took longer than the first part, and when it was over, I felt so doomed I believed I wouldn’t get positive results. During the test, I looked at the details several times to ensure that the correct category was given to me because I found it extra difficult.

For two weeks, each test takers had been killed gradually everyday with suspense until finally the 29th came, releasing of the results! That was the date of our anniversary and so the results would have great impact on my mood (because Nilo is the optimist, not me). As early as I had arrived at the office (before 8am) I immediately checked the website and so did Nilo although he didn’t admit it at once. Unfortunately, the website was down the whole day. I took this as a bad sign, that perhaps I was being spared of the heartache on our anniversary, especially since we were planning to date out that night. But curiosity got over me so I called the agency just right on time, Ms. Lorie had just received the results and was at that exact moment scanning the document. I find it sweet now recalling how she told me it was good I wasn’t able to see the results online because the element of surprise was still intact. I asked her, did I pass? To which she replied “Passed? (My heart almost pounded out of its ribcage) You aced it!” Whew! I almost shouted haha! What a happy feeling, thanks to God for another intervention! Now I don’t want to question how it happened, all I know is that I was truthful when I said the test was difficult.

What a great gift on our wedding anniversary. I didn’t immediately tell Nilo, he was the one who suffered the great deal with suspense. Haha! Nevertheless, the surprise was sweetest for him too. 🙂


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