Birthday blasting (of tummies) at ISAW HAUS

The month is coming to an end again and soon it would be May. And then next month would be my birth month. It’s been almost a year since my last birthday. I will be turning 23 err… sorry about the typo error, 28 this June, how time flies!

I remember that last year, I celebrated my birthday with my bestfriend, Lorraine (I celebrated it earlier with my family because the date fell on a weekday). Although we were constantly checking in on each other, we usually do not meet very often because of business, as in the state of being busy (hehehe). So we thought that it was the perfect time for bonding.

We decide to go to the new place which I have passed by on frequent occasions. Its name was ISAW HAUS, promoted by a picture of a very upset white chicken beside it. That’s just reasonable for me of course and I kind of commend whoever created this idea rather than the usual smiley faces of animals who march to the butcher’s den after posing for a caricature. My parents have tried the place before and besides promoting that the food was delectable, it was also affordable. Therefore, it was definitely worth a try.

The place was agreeable and has enough parking spaces. Although it was just by the roadside, it was cool once you get inside and the lightings were not too bright, just right and soothing. They have various table settings too. Out in the open were for big groups or couples, or you could also choose the tables enclosed in the air-conditioned rooms. Bes and I chose one of the nipa huts at the back but the waiter told us they reserve them for bigger groups so we settled on one of the round tables for four by the entrance.

It took us a long while to select from the menu (everything seemed delicious but we have little space in our stomachs) but we finally settled with rice, pork sisig, pancit bihon, isaw and San Mig light? Haha, you wish, that’s Royal diluted with ice. When the food arrived, we were surprised at how big the pancit serving was (for Php80 only). It was a lot really so we had to make pauses in between munching to accommodate everything. At last, when our stomachs were ready to explode, we called it quits and took home the leftover pancit (which was merely eaten up).

The Food

The total bill was Php363, but Bes and I were short of money so we planned to escape but we got caught! As punishment, they took pictures of us holding the bill and posted them on every corner of the place.

Haha, that was just a joke, of course. We lingered on for a while after eating because we were feeling too heavy to move. It was a nice opportunity too, to catch up with chatting until we ended the night very contentedly and promised to go back to the place in the future.

Isaw Haus is very accessible. I’m not sure if they have other branches but the featured one is along Ortigas Extension, just a few walks away from St. Anthony (right across Pamcor). See Logo for telephone numbers 😀


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