My First Shots at Food

I am naturally a picky eater, it’s very obvious if you look at my skinny body and I’ve grown some fats over the years already! I used to be really really skinny.

So I’m broadening my world when it comes to food. Here are various recipes I’ve made on my own, Remy-style. If you have watched “Ratatouille,” you would understand why. Not that I’m saying these treats are as delicious and yummy. It’s just that there were no cookbooks needed or cooking lessons sought in order to produce these foods. I just needed to see the food and taste it, (because I wasn’t gifted with as keen sense of smell as Remy) and figure out how the ingredients were mixed. One thing that’s good about fixing your own food is that you get to customize them to the likings of your tastebuds and health preferences.

Potato Salad

One day, a friend brought potato salad for lunch and shared some to us. Though I am not a fan of salads because I used to hate mayonnaise (now I just dislike it), the salad tasted good to me. As far as I could remember, it was composed of potato of course, and some carrots and peas and chicken strips. And the rest I think was mayonnaise. So one weekend, I attempted to make one and… not bad! My husband loved it, and so did I. 

Buko Pandan Salad

On one occasion, while I was doing the groceries, my hands involuntary picked up a packet of Mr. Gulaman, pandan flavoured. Naturally, it slept in the cupboard for a few more days. Its use was like serendipity. One night, I was planning to make buko salad for dessert but was too lazy to buy the ingredients. My very eager husband offered to buy buko which was just a few walks away from our apartment, and on the way pick up the cream, condensed milk and fruit cocktails in can. He returned with everything except the fruit but a buko salad is not complete without this. I broke my husband’s heart when I told him it will have to do some other time, and while keeping the ingredients in the cupboard, the packet of Mr. Gulaman fell. Our eyes met and the rest was history… 

Saging con Yelo

I didn’t actually make this, and this is just actually very common even if I did so it doesn’t deserve much attention. I just thought it’s interesting if I used a few drops of blue food colour. The result? A not so yummy-looking green bananas! It looks spoiled but it’s a delicious treat really (with a need to convince people to eat afterwards.)

I know it’s embarrassing to be so thrilled with these simple recipes, but I’m just a starter, I need tolerance at this stage. Next time, I’ll be sharing more complicated recipes. So I better go back to the kitchen now (or rather work and stop daydreaming because lunch is over).


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